Friday, June 19, 2009

Learning the Secret: Good Morning!

Good Morning Everyone!

So, I was thinking about all my readers last night, and how I really want to know how the secret is working for you, if you are trying my tips, if you have any tips, ect. So, I am encouraging people to please comment and let us know how its going for you. ALSO, I have added a chat box, which I will pop in and out through out the day, and hopefully that will help us be able to communicate with each other, and with the other readers of this blog, seeing as we all have a common goal. We can help each other!

I have never tried out the chat and stuff, so hopefully it works ok, just enter a name in the box, and thats it.

Let me know what you think!


Josh said...

I read your example of the cup of coffee last night. I thought that was a good motivational exercise starting with something small. So I tried it this morning but for something else. I need a new pair of running shoes as mine are worn out and starting to fall apart (they only cost £10) so thats what I imagined. I'll let you know when they arrive.

Shrimpsey said...

Cool Josh! I will be thinking of some new running shoes for you aswell! thanks for sharing! remember, dates = doubt, so just know that you WILL have some new shoes, and you will recieve them! Can't wait to hear how comfortable your new shoes are!