Thursday, December 3, 2009

Learning the Secret: Ho'o Ponopono

Have you heard about the therapist in Hawaii who cured a complete ward of criminally insane patients--without ever seeing any of them. The psychologist would study an inmate's chart and then look within himself to see how he created that person's illness. As he improved himself, the patient improved. His name is Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len. He never saw patients. He agreed to have an office and to review their files. While he looked at those files, he would work on himself. As he worked on himself, patients began to heal.

After a few months, patients that had to be shackled were being allowed to walk freely. Others who had to be heavily medicated were getting off their medications. And those who had no chance of ever being released were being freed. Not only that, but the staff began to enjoy coming to work. Absenteeism and turnover disappeared. They ended up with more staff than they needed because patients were being released, and all the staff was showing up to work. Today, that ward is closed.

His story is fascinating, and the technique he practices is Ho'o Ponopono. I have began practicing this technique in my life also, and wanted to share. Here is a little video explaining the Ho'oPonopono process. Let's all get cleaning up our own messes!