Friday, August 28, 2009

Learning the Secret: Reflection of the start

I often wonder what it would be like if everyone discovered how to train and master their mind. In going through this journey, I remember what it was like before. I had even tried to do this 2 years ago. I know why it never worked then. I remember thinking it would be hard, and wasn't sure if I could do it, and just didn't believe enough in it or myself to try. I didn't think I had the time to do what I had to do to make it work. Boy, was I wrong.

Now looking back, I know what made it so different. This time I had to know. I committed to putting forth 100% into learning to do what I was doing. I wanted to know what I had to do to make it work. I was seeking the information, and received it from experts(so grateful) For those who think its tons of work, or hard to do, its really not. All I really did initially, was decided to change my attitude and be positive, and look for positive in everything, coupled with learning more about these principles, 1 hour a day. That's it. As each day past, I would apply what I understood and had learned to my life. Soon, things started happening, things started getting better, I started getting better. All those excuses I had before were just misconceptions. This has been SO easy, and FUN! I mean, of course there has been some challenges along the way, but each one has made me and my belief stronger. My faith has grown! The amazing leaps I have made, and am making would not have happened had I not passed these tests of doubt and distraction.

Control your emotion and energy, and you WILL control your life, effortlessly. It is easy to unlock the potential inside yourself. You just have to DO IT! Aren't you curious? That's what got me this time. I HAD to know. I believed in "the secret". I knew anyone could do it, and I decided I was doing it. Everything we need to learn these lessons is available to us. You know it works, just do it! 1 hour a day to learn about it, and trust me, it will be the best investment of your life. All you have to do is start. Just decide, "I am going to be happy today, no matter what" and start learning. Even just start thinking "I want to learn how to do this, I want to master my thoughts" It is not hard, and soon you will start noticing things. What you need in terms of knowledge will find you. You don't need to search for it, you just need to be open to receive it, and look for the information that finds you.

It is a small shift, with HUGE results, and is just sitting there, waiting for you to use it. You can control your mind, and use it as your greatest tool. All you have to do is decide to start. Make the right choice, and soon you will be creating your own adventure in your life. You will look at yourself and say "I can't get over how wonderful my life is, how did I get so lucky"

Task for this week

Think the thoughts "I WILL master my thoughts, I WILL master my mind" at least 3 times a day or more for 7 days. It only takes about 2 seconds to think a thought, and you have already done it once from reading the sentence. Keep thinking those thoughts, and be on the look out for the information that finds you!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Learning the Secret: The creation of my story

Hello Everyone! I wanted to share with you today more details on the children's story I have written. I am so proud of my story, and I am so grateful to have become open to receiving the gift of creating it!

My story is based on the principles of the universal laws. It teaches us that we all have these special gifts inside us that grant us the ability to have whatever it is we desire. It shows the importance of following instruction, taking action, placing our gift in the proper environment in which it enables it to grow. It teaches so many values and lessons, I feel anyone, young and old, will find the value of the lessons in my book, know matter what path you are on in life.

I have been able to incorporate so many lessons, that anyone who reads it will get something different from it. I believe that they will get the message they need out of it, and each time they read it, they will find a new lesson hidden within the words. I was able to write this story in a way that it holds all these values and lessons, however the story flows, and its a great story full of suspense, conflict, resolution and reward. Everyone who I have shared it with thought it was great. It kept their interest, it made them curious, it made them laugh, and at the end, it makes you happy, and also makes you think. The best part, when I read it to the little ones, they just "get it".

I am so grateful I have been provided with such a gift to create such a great story and I look very much forward to sharing it will the world soon! I just KNOW you all are going to LOVE it!

If you would like to be notified of the books release, as well as where you can preview and purchase my book, please Please fill out my form. and you will be notified upon its release and location!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Learning the Secret : Something to Share

Hello everyone, I just came across this video, and I had to share! It is wonderful, I am very grateful to become aware of it! Enjoy!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Learning the Secret :Progress on my book!

Hello everyone! I am very excited to report that my book is in progress and is being published! The illustrations for the story are in the works, and the book should be available for sale in a couple of months! I am very excited about it!

I am not sure when I will start the training for my new job. I know the lady had to go through the other interviews, so I am expecting to hear from her sometimes this week providing me with more details as to the position and what the training involves. I will keep you posted. In the meantime, I have been getting everything ready for my book, so it can be available on shelves as soon as possible. I just know everyone is going to love this story. It is full of great lessons, and I am sure anyone, young and old will get something different out of it, as I have Incorporated so many hidden lessons and values, I have really high hopes for it, not to mentions the illustrations are going to be fabulous!

I was wondering how all my challenge takers are doing? Did you remember to get and start listening to David Neagle's Art of Success course? Remember, his course is part of the key in that challenge, DO NOT forget to include David's teaching as part of the positivity challenge. It is essential. I have received several e-mails from people who have excepted the challenge, and I love hearing from you all. Any time of struggle, please e-mail me, and I will help as best I can. I hope you are all doing great!

Well, that's all for now. I am planning on having a nice day with my family, and we might even go boating! FUN! Remember, think about good things, and things you want, keep focused and stay positive! Only good things come from positivity!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Learning the Secret: Manifestation of all my Rewards

Hello everyone, I hope you all are well. The last couple of days have been nothing short of a miracle! I have been given and accepted an opportunity. This opportunity will literally turn my yearly income into a monthly income(remember, I was just a part time PSW, so its not a get rich quick scheme, or instant million thing) This is an AMAZING opportunity! I am so grateful to receive such an amazing gift!

The last 36 hours have been so surreal. When I sit back and think about it, I feel so happy and just amazed this is all happening! Everything I have put my faith and belief in, every test I have passed, each time I have stayed strong, and took back the power of my thought and emotion, is now being rewarded. All the gifts Napoleon Hill talk about. I believe that when I asked for help, the universe was listening, God was listening. I think that was my final block. I needed to ask for help. And I received it. When my friend Cara came over, and told me what I needed to hear, I once again, took back my power....and sure enough, my reward started manifesting the very next day!

I have been given many tests as I walked along this path. In the beginning, about 2 weeks in, I started to let something get to me. My neighbour Reina helped me at a moment of struggle, I was mad about something. She told me not to worry about it and to keep going. It snapped my back on track and helped me reach my new awareness. And Cara, helped me to realise my final block, and I was able to power through. You see, we need each other. We need to help each other. We need to accept each other as individuals, and allow people to explore who they really are without judgement, or rude comments, or your dis-belief in what they are doing. Imagine how wonderful the world would be if we all took control of our mind. The possibilities are limitless.

I feel I was able to do this in such a short time frame(2 1/2 months) for several reasons. And, I don't want to overlook to point out the fact that I am still new, still learning, and will be learning for the rest of my life.

First and foremost, my AMAZING wonderful husband! He has been so supportive, so accepting of everything I have been doing. He allowed me the freedom to explore with out criticism, judgement, pressure to make money. He also challenged me when I needed it, so I could learn the lesson's I needed to learn about myself. He has done this all while not sharing in the same belief as I do, yet still not challenging my beliefs. He has been accepting and happy for me(and I think starting to get a little curious about my new discovery) He is my true soul mate, and I love him with all my heart!

Second, I put myself in a very small bubble of friends. I kept to myself quite a bit, enjoyed visiting with some new people, but besides my husband, their were only 3-4 other people I conversed with regularly, all who supported my journey, and encouraged me. I cut off connection temporarily with others so I would be able to have few distractions, and really concentrate and study these principles.

I continued to learn about this everyday, while keeping myself in a constant positive vibration. I feel this really prepared my mind, and sped up changing my subconscious rapidly. I fed it to myself constantly, whether it was learning about it through study, or just thinking positive thoughts, and thoughts of what I wanted, and I wanted to know and understand these principles. I told myself I was going to master this.....all the time, and took action.

I followed through with everything I did in full faith and enthusiasm, expecting good experiences always. I was not disappointed when situations didn't turn out the way I thought, and was thankful for the experiences.

I looked at all I had, and realised what I have, and grew a new sence of gratitude towards everything! I started seeking the things I was thankful for, and found way more then I ever realised I had.

I am so grateful and happy I decided to discover this amazing new wonderful world! I am grateful for the new people I am meeting. I am grateful for the new direction I am going, I finally found the right path. It has been one full of excitement and fun, and it just keeps getting better and better! I really hope you all can look at this, and see that I am just like everyone else, just the average girl, and I changed my life! If I can do this, you can do this! Just BELIEVE!

Learning the Secret : Can a change in mindset also change your size?

Hello everyone,

So I wanted to share with you something I have come across. I mentioned Jen Blackert in a previous post. I have been listening to her program Fearless Millionaire and it is just AWESOME!! There is over 15 hours of information, and each lesson holds SO much value! Especially to someone in online employment! Anyways, I am enjoying her product so much, and I have learned SO much that is helping me, I went and checked out what else she had. I came across some lesson she has on controlling your weight with mindset. Now, I personally have never had a weight problem, so I can't test this theory. However, I wanted to share this with you as I am using one of Jens other products, and she is AMAZING! I have full trust in her 100%

Here's SOME of the knowledge you will discover inside the thin thought program:
•The difference between munchies and cravings. (Audio 2)
•How to really ACCEPT Yourself now. (Audio 1)
•The truth behind affirmations and how to really use them. (Audio 1)
•How to really practice subconscious mind changing methods. (CD 5)
•Hear difficulties from other participants and how we help them overcome the adversity. (every Audio)
•Why exercise is important and how to know if you are RESISTING these habit changes. (Audio 1)
•The secret to burning more calories all day every day. (CD 5)
•Understanding dehydration from within your body and mind. (Audio 5)
•What it really means to "BEING PRESENT" and how to do it. (Audio 4)
•How to use your words to change your perceptions and ways of being. (Audio 3 & 4)
•Understanding what self-love has to do with your weight. (Audio 4)
•Techniques on how to shift those negative thoughts to positive ones (Audio 4)
•How to listen to your inner nudges. (Audio 1)
•The secrets to feeling more engaged in the game of life. (every Audio)
•What it means when you FEEL stuck! (Audio 5)
•Tricks to learning and observing yourself (Audio 1, 2, 4)
•Step by Simple Step technique to make better decisions (Audio 1, 4)
•What does it really mean to make a commitment to change (Audio 1)
•A complete formula to analyze your emotional patterns and emotional needs. (Audio 6) And there's MUCH more - guaranteed!

She has a free Mp3 recording giving details of how mindset can actually help you lose weight~
Its called How to lose weight by transforming your subconscious mind

If this program is even close to the HIGH quality of the program I have of hers, I am sure you will find success with it!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Learning the Secret: Forward Movement

Good Morning Everyone,

I have some great news to share! As you know, I have been researching and learning more and more each day. Yesterday, I woke up to a message from one of the phenomenal women of this world, and she advised me to connect with someone to talk more about my book. I contacted this person, and I plan to participate in the services she offers very soon. As I was conversing with her, she gave me a piece of advice. Now, her advice may at the moment have seemed like a small tip, but acting on her advice gave me HUGE results. I don't want to disclose at this time exactly what she said, or exactly what is happening, as I need to explore it more before I write about it.

What I can tell you is the impact it had. After reading the e-mail I received, I decided I needed to be present right now, and get into the millionaire mindset, which means, taking care of yourself, and living like you are a millionaire now. I colored my hair, got dressed up, put my makeup on, and had my neighbour take some pictures of the "new me" When I did this, I came in the house to load the pictures on my computer. As I was waiting for them to load, I thought I would check my e-mail. Not even 5 minutes earlier, I was sent a e-mail(I must have been on my way to the computer as the person sent me this letter)for someone offering me an INCREDIBLE opportunity!! I mean HUGE!! I am so excited, and I will be interviewed tomorrow!!! My reward is here! I put my millionaire mindset in the present, and changed my outward appearance to reflect the inner changes, and VOILA! Here it is! I am so excited to share with you what is going to happen, however at this time I do not want to disclose what is going on. But trust me, its GOOD!

I have mentioned in some other posts about this tool kit and the teachings I am working through. This past week, I have been listened to Attraction Diva Jen Blackert. Jen is an author, speaker and strategic success coach. She has personally taught hundreds of individuals her unique principles and approach to massive success. Her principle system called The Simple Way, is based on time-honored universal wisdom's. Jen has authored of several books, and programs, including Seven Dragons: A Guide To A Limitless Mind and Discover Your Inner Strengths co-authored with Steven Covey and Ken Blanchard.

I am in the process of going through Jens teachings the fearless millionaire. She is such an inspiration, and really is passionate about the women entrepreneurs. I really can't say enough about her and her work and the teachings I have heard from her, not to mention the guest experts. I HIGHLY recommend checking out Jen's products She has a lot of free, extremely valuable information, as well as excellent products. Like I said, I am going through the fearless millionaire, and from listening to Jen, and my new acquaintance I connected with yesterday, and really becoming present in reflecting that inner mindset on the out side as well, this opportunity has come to me. I didn't go looking for it, it found me, and I am SO grateful! Please check out Jen. I have added her to my list of IMPORTANT links! You will be very glad you did! I sure am!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Learning the Secret: Emotional Freedom Technique

I have become aware of EFT, and have been using it for the past 10 days. I wanted to share with you all what is is, and where you can go to learn more. The purpose of its use for me and my journey is to lower my resistance, and amplify my desires. Its working! It is a great tool, and I am using it regularly now. Here is a video describing what it is, and I have added the link on the side under important links, so you can visit the website and learn more.

Learning the Secret: A message from Bob Proctor

I received a message from Bob Proctor this morning, and his message is one of great value. I would like to share it with you!

Bob's Message

Monday, August 10, 2009

Learning the Secret: Powering through with help from a friend

I feel SO much better. I just had a great conversation with a good friend of mine about the way I have been feeling today. She reminded me that I just sent a challenge out to the universe, and so of course I am recieving a challenge back. I almost over looked that. Thank you Cara!

I understand that where I am at is where most people probably give up and lose hope. I will not lose hope. I am grateful for being here, so my powering through can help others. I fully believe everything is going in the direction it is supposed to be going. Each day, the plan, the big picture of how everything is going to fall into place is becoming clear, as if a new peice of the puzzle is revealed everyday. It doesn't matter about the money, when I need it, it will be there, and I believe that. Everything will happen at the time it is meant to. I know how much I have been learning, and the last few days I have learned a lot more regarding internet and websites, and made some changes to what I was doing. I know the more I go through my lessons and calls, that things will become clear. I have full faith the resources I need to move forward towards my goals will become available to me as I need them. My mind tried to fight back today, but I won!

Thank you universe, for sending me Cara tonight, and her guidance in keeping me focused on the light! I am very grateful!

Learning the Secret: Asking for Help

I am writing this post, and baring my soul. I am struggling today, and I am asking for help. I am not even sure how to start. I feel like there is something I am not aware of. As I walked down this path, I have overcome so many fears, and in ways, I now feel fearless. I have grown so much in terms of self worth, and self esteem, and I feel like I have so much to offer this world. I have many plans, all on how I can make a difference, and how I can better someone else's life. I know my plans are in accordance with the universal laws. I think of these plans, and imagine myself doing them. There are several things I want to do, and maybe that is what is blocking me right now. Maybe I need to be clear on one thing first. I know I have a set amount of money in mind, and a set date on when I will receive that money, as well as the expectation that I will receive that money in increments from now until I reach my date. I have without hesitation taken action on everything that has come my way in full faith. To be specific, I signed up with AdSense right away. I have put a lot of time, effort, good energy in researching, putting quality content to my site, all the things you do to promote my site, yet my revenue from AdSense is minimal. $43 to be exact, from the day I started until now.
Another opportunity arose, I jumped at it, went full force, put forth action and great energy and thought, yet our partners were not in the position to invest at this time, maybe in a couple of months. I manifested a great tool kit, and invested in myself and purchased it, $200, and it is of great value and help to me. It is lessons from all the great teachers, and I am going through them one at a time, daily. I have forgiven myself and others completely, and really truly feel so free. I know spiritually and faith wise, I am there, and continue to grow more each day. I have spread this message, helped inspired others, and have received feedback from quite a few people. I have become a better person, and I want to do more. I have full intention of doing things, and things I want to buy, but I am still, the money part hasn't come. I even participated in a vacuum demonstration, as I won on their bingo card, and one person wins $10000, ya, I thought it was me. But is was a good experience, and I am thankful for it.
Everyday, I envision myself wealthy, my husband and I discuss plans, we have the house we want to buy in mind, and it is for sale. It is our dream home. We both have businesses we are going to start, but the home we desire is in the city we desire to live in, which is where we plan on starting our businesses. One is my long term care home. He has extensive plans as well. We cannot move until a new source of income arrives. We live where we are because my husband is a tradesman, and he gets regular work here. I took the leap, I have quit my job. I am looking, and ready, and expect things to come. I had the inspiration to write the book, wrote it, took action and sent it away. Yes, I got great feedback, and I plan to publish my book through another source. Its going to take some time.
I just don't understand what is blocking me from receiving money now. I feel I am growing my prosperity consciousness, and my life now isn't matching everything I am feeling, everything I am expecting, yet each day that goes by, and am still sitting here, expecting, in full belief and faith its coming, looking for it, putting in huge effort, and taking action, while my personal bank account is at $0.00. I feel no stress about that, and I know it is going to grow, but as more days pass, like today, I am feeling a little struggle with trying not to wonder "when is the money coming, I can't give more money out, and I keep giving me out, what am I missing?"

Any guidance, I truly would appreciate. I am asking for a little help.

Thanks for listening

Learning the Secret: Manifestation

I am so grateful! I was just thinking this morning how I need to learn more about instant manifestation, and attracting money now. Well, after writing my post, I went to my twitter account, and sure enough, Joe Vitale is GIVING AWAY his new book Attract Money NOW for a limited time. PERFECT! I signed up and will be receiving this book for free! THANK YOU JOE! Just to give you a preview of what it says, quoted from the page

29 ways to attract money now!

1. If you’re in the US, and in an emergency, call 211.

2. Call the Silent Unity prayer line in the US: 1-740-362-4214.

3. Give money to wherever you received inspiration or encouragement.

4. Buy something you want and can afford.

5. Take action on an idea you have.

6. Write a script of you being wealthy and how it feels.

7. Watch the movie The Secret.

8. Watch the movie The Compass.

9. Watch the movie Try It On Everything.

10. Use EFT to help dissolve feelings of desperation.

11. Turn off the mainstream news.

12. Join or create a support group, such as Attract Miracles Online.

13. Forgive yourself and others.

14. Read Think and Grow Rich.

15. Turn a problem into a product and sell it online.

16. Feel grateful for something you have.

17. Practice the seven steps in Attract Money Now.

18. Listen to The Secret to Attracting Money.

19. Get a Miracles Coach.

20. Pray.

21. Create a vision board of what you want.

22. Do 5 things each day on items on your vision board.

23. Ask for help.

24. Help someone else.

25. Worship time, not money. Use your time wisely.

26. Imagine what you would do if you won the lotto for $37,000,000. Do it.

27. Do whatever you are afraid to do. Wealth is hiding behind your fear.

28. Get a job. While you pursue your dream, feed yourself with work.

29. Get clear of limiting beliefs about money.

Thank you Joe!! All these topics are discussed in greater depth in the book. If you want to receive a free copy of Joe's book, please visit here

Learning the Secret: Persistance and Faith

Hello Everyone,

Well, I heard back from Morgan James Publishing today. Although they loved my story, and feed it has the potential to be very successful, they said "we don’t seem to have a fit between your manuscript and our current vision and schedule of books to be released" they also went on to say "your manuscript may have an excellent chance of success in another publishing channel. In the future, we would be happy to review another of your manuscripts to see if it might meet with our vision, purpose and schedule of up-and-coming books. It was our pleasure to meet you and get to know your book and hear your manuscript ideas"

I am grateful that they took the time to fully review my book, and I am even more driven to find the publishing option that will work best for me. I know this book is going to be a hit, and I am researching different avenues, as well as keeping my eyes and ears open for more opportunities.

I am anxiously yet patiently waiting for the money to start finding its way to me. I KNOW how much I have grown, and that I have a new security on the inside. I know the money I desire is on its way to me. The teachers of these principles say that if you don't see a increase in your income right away, you sort of build up a credit with the universe, and you WILL receive it. I have started to wonder if I have a block with allowing myself to receive the money. I will be working on these things this week. I do have things set up for the money to come in. Maybe it needs to come in through a different source. I know with the book sales, it will be huge.

I have full faith that these principles work, and I have seen and experienced the changes in myself. I am awaiting to see the changes in my bank account, lol. I believe in these laws, and I know I am following them, and continue to learn them daily. I know my reward is on its way, and I will not let the "how" its going to happen cloud my faith and belief that it will. Maybe I need to be more specific on the amount of money I desire now. I have a set amount I have decided to have in my possession by December 2009, but what do I do now to make the money come in now. All I can do, is to continue with my teachings, and I have faith and belief the answers to these questions will come. I look forward to the day I can write the post "THE MONEY IS STARTING TO ROLL IN!!" That day is coming! I am 2 1/2 months into my amazing journey, and I am grateful for what I have received in terms of personal growth. I am also grateful for the money I desire, as I know I will receive it. I will stay strong, continue to be persistent, continue to watch for opportunities, and I know the universe will bring to me what I desire, because I DESERVE IT!!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Learning the Secret: What is your life purpose?

On my quest to learn the principles of the universe, and having to over come the many obstacles and struggles with my mind, I am beginning to learn and understand my true purpose. I am here to inform the next generation of these principles, so they can walk the path of freedom and success, without the struggles, right from the start.

My book is now turning into a series. I have 3 more stories on the go, and I am so grateful to be gifted with such an imagination coupled with increased awareness to create these amazing stories. These stories are lessons of the principles, told in a way so a child can understand. After reading my son(4) 'The Magic Seeds', I asked him what he thought the cover should look like. He told me he a character in the book and then added "and a picture of the whole world" Not ONCE in my book is the world mentioned. He went on to say "mommy, I think we should read our story to all the bad boys" to which I replied "Why is that?" It melted my heart when he responded "because it will turn the bad boys into good boys."

I am grateful to discover this gift I never knew I had. I put myself in a box with my long term care, I know you have different levels of nursing, but there is still a limit. I look at people now, and wonder if they are really living their life's purpose. I wonder if they know what it is. I wonder if this person or that person would be the next great inventor, the next cure for something, the next big star.......this list goes on and on.

Do you know what your true purpose is? The way to find it is through using these principles in your life. It is a map to revealing your passion, your creativity, your purpose. What is YOUR purpose?

Friday, August 7, 2009

Learning the Secret: At the cusp, and deciding to keep moving forward

Good Morning Everyone,

I wanted to write a post about the few struggles I had yesterday. They say when learning these laws, a lot of the time, people will stop right before they break through, and end up at the start again. Well, I feel like I really had to fight yesterday to keep focused. I did it, though, and feel so much better. I would like to share what happened.

After hearing back from the book company the other day, I am so grateful and excited. I know that this is my desires moving towards me, and I am ready to embrace it. I started working on another story, but only got about 2 1/2 pages in on it, and found I was really thinking about what to write, instead of getting in the "zone" and having the writing flow through me effortlessly. So I put the story away. I then started researching about publishing books, and marketing books, and looking at cost, and wondering how I am going to do this. This may also have been induced from the well intended "chatter" I received from some, such as "Its probably a scam, no one hears back from a book company less then 24 hours after submitting a book" and "Its going to cost you $10000 or more to get published" among a few other things. I feel like I was almost at a feeling of uncertainty.

The best part about this. I recognized my feeling, and the vibration I was carrying. I decided to STOP researching for now. I remembered(with the help of my WONDERFUL husband) that time is an illusion, and live for today. I don't need to think about or worry about those things right now. I need to wait until I hear back from the publishing company, and hear what their offer is BEFORE I start thinking about all this other stuff. When you are in the proper vibration for your manifestation, it is easy, and effortless. I reminded myself of these things, and reassured my self that I KNEW to send my story to that particular company, and I KNOW that whatever they come up with as a contract, will be just fine, and comfortable for me.

After I did this, I started to feel better. After the kids went to bed, I did some energy work, and re-aligned myself so I was back on the vibration of my desires, and amplified it even more to help me keep in that pull. I felt SO much better, went to bed, had a great sleep, and when I woke up this morning, I was happy to see I was already thinking of my desires as I was waking(which means my subconscious was thinking them all night!)

I am keeping on track, and will not move backwards. I am continuing my forward movement. Today, I plan to listen to some teachings on the ipod while I tidy up the house. I am going to go get groceries later, and enjoy the day with the kids. I am not going to look at anything book related until I hear back from the publisher, as I know they will lead me to the right source of knowledge I need, and what I need to look at when the time comes. I have FULL faith that whatever the contract ends up being, that it will be great, and within my capabilities without making me uncomfortable. I envision my book selling 100000 copies the first 2 weeks that it is on the shelf. I KNOW its going to be a best selling children's book. I know it in my heart, and I am making the choice to believe it in my soul.

I know I am so close to a big manifestation, and I know this book is a huge part of it. I will have the strength to not let "chatter" from others cause my mind to start thinking the "old" way. I am stronger then that, and I have proven it to myself, and I am very proud.

Looking forward to hearing my full review soon! I am seeing my books on the shelf by my birthday, October 1st!

Have a great day everyone, and remember, only YOU are in control. Don't let others scepticism and worry find its way in your mind. Put those doors up and say NO. Sometimes it can be like a pushy salesman, and the thoughts will try and be persistent in swaying you. They can only succeed if you allow it. I may have listened to what the "salesman" was spewing to me, but I shut the door, and continue to strive for my dreams!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Learning the Secret: I didn't win the lottery, but learned a valuable lesson

Hello Everyone,

Well, I didn't win the lottery, but I learned a valuable lesson, and I am pretty sure I understand why lottery wins don't work with the universal laws.

First of all. I wanted to test this. I have heard many ask, "Well, if the secret works, why isn't everyone just winning the lottery" So, I did a true test. I put 100% belief and faith into it, and truly thought I was going to win the lottery. I had so many huge ideas for that money, it was great. Trust me, I was on my way to saving the world! I have to say it was really fun thinking of all the possibilities, and got me thinking about what I am going to do, and other things I would like to do when I do receive the riches part. I was inspired by a blog I read from Nichole to do this test of the lottery. I have come to my own conclusion on why I feel these laws will not attract that money.

When going through this journey, your perception of what money is will change. Money is just an idea, like everything else it. Before money existed, people traded things of value that they owned or services. In essence, money is only the material medium that we trade for products and services rendered. Its reward for services. So, based on the laws of the universe, the lottery has no "money".

The money that you win in the lottery, is money from peoples hopes and dreams. It has no value, pretty much is only a illusion. I believe every penny anyone has spent on the lottery will find its way back to you through your idea,service or product. One of the gifts you receive for controlling your mind, is a labour of love of your choice. Whatever you create will be of value to others, and that's what the money represents. That's where the riches have to come from. You will receive material riches of your own choice and quantities, but it must be through the use of your gifts that God has given you.

I want to also let you know, that even though I put 100% belief and faith to try and make the lottery win happen, I never once felt disappointed that we didn't win. I actually really enjoyed the experience of dreaming big. We (my husband and I)thought of some great plans and ideas, and I know that we will do these things, when it is intended. We are going to make our small corner of the world a better place one day. I believe it will happen.

Even though I had every intention of doing fantastic things with that money, it is not real, because its not of value, and its just a number on paper, representing someone else's dreams. I don't want to take from that pot. I want you to take your money back from it, like I am!

Learning the Secret: Why I decided to win the 649 lottery

I want you all to know why I will win this fantastic prize, and what I intend to do with it. For the past 2 1/2 months I have been educating myself on these universal laws, the teachings of Napoleon Hill. I am blessed to realise the gift that God has given us all, and I hope to help as many people as I can to also realise this amazing gift that is locked up inside us.

I chose to win this lottery is because in our world today, there is so much doubt and negativity that causes people to lose faith. I wanted to choose this lottery because I know that it will spark a curiosity in you, a feeling of almost HAVING to know if what I speak of is truth. It is so extreme, and I know some will always believe it was luck, but you will still wonder, and hopefully, one day you will find the courage to learn and apply these laws to your life.

With these winnings, I intend to move my family to the place we desire. Next, I will be helping my family and close friends. I will be donating 1 million dollars to the Food Bank in our town, as well as putting on a special dinner to share my experience to those who are using the food bank. I will be building a addition on the humane society, and helping them get set up so that they will not be forced to euthanize the amount of animals that they do, and help them to have more comfort in doing the wonderful things they are doing. I will be giving the same gift to these places in the town we chose to live in. I also will be sharing substantial amounts to the salvation army, and habitat for humanity.

My hope is that my story will blow your mind so much, that you will muster up the courage inside yourself, the NEED to know. Everything is a theory, unless one puts the theory to the test and apply it to your life. I believe in you! We ALL deserve these wonderful gifts.

Thank you God, for guiding me, and helping me spread my message! I know it will reach those who are ready to embrace it!

The Draw is tonight!!

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Hello Everyone, I want to share with you what I just recieved. I sent my book to these people yesturday.

Hello Michelle,

Thank you for submitting your manuscript proposal, The Magic Seeds. We just wanted you to know we got it, and we get it. That’s right, you read correctly. We Get it. You probably knew that or else you would not have submitted it to us.

What do I mean by that? It’s very simple.

As an entrepreneur interested in seeing your book “in print”, you have knocked on the door of one of the most glamorous yet mysterious institutions in this country: the Publishing Industry. We know (all too well, unfortunately) that most publishers ignore potential authors, but we are different.

We embrace you. Rest assured that the mystery of whether or not we received your proposal is solved. Our commitment to you is to actually review your information and consider it for publication with Morgan James Publishing, or one of our many Imprints.

The venture of publishing is not without risk – Morgan James receives an average of 4,500 manuscript proposals each year, but only publishes an average of 163. But the rewards can be substantial.

Your manuscript has an excellent chance of success if accepted, but we do need to face facts. Both you and we will have to contribute an enormous amount of time to secure that success.

Now it is time for us to roll up our sleeves and get to reviewing. You will hear back from us. That is our solemn commitment to you.

Thanks again for choosing Morgan James Publishing. We are excited about your book and look forward to possibly partnering with you.

Temeka Shelton


Watch for my book, coming soon, I just know it! I BELIEVE IT!!! ANd I will do whatever it takes!!

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Learning the Secret: An update on me!

Hello everyone,

Just a little update on me. I wrote a children's book today!! I am very excited about it, I think its great, and everyone here I have shared it with LOVES it!! It will be of to the publishers this week, and I KNOW AND BELIEVE it WILL be published! I love LOVE this new creative energy!


Learning the Secret: Harness the Power of Emotion

Do you take control of your emotional well being, or do you allow situations and circumstances to control how you feel? Some may disagree, however, we do have the power to take control of our emotions no matter what. When situations come up that challenge you, remember that anytime you are feeling any negative emotion/feelings, you are handing over your power to the person or situation that changed your emotion. How we feel in the present moment is how we attract everything else that happens to us, so any time we loose control of our emotions, we lose control over what we are bringing into our lives. We need to strive to keep centered, grounded, and in control of our emotional state at all times. Gratitude is a great tool to use in times of challenge to make things easier for you to keep positive, and in control of your feelings.

I would like you help your brain start seeking answers to the question


Start asking yourself this question numerous times a day. Practicing this regularly will help it to become habit, and to be able to use it to your advantage in times of challenge as I describe below. Look for things and allow yourself to start embracing an attitude of gratitude!

Here are some examples of things I thought of, and still think of, that I feel almost everyone can be grateful for:

1. I am grateful I have food available to me when I am hungry(for those who think you don't, you do, there are places everywhere you CAN receive food)

2. I am grateful I have clothing to wear, a place to live, and warmth if I am cold.

3. I am grateful for the love I have in my life, and the love I receive from those around me.

4. I am grateful I have the FREEDOM to take a walk outside, and that I am able walk.

5. I am grateful of where I am in my life now, as I know there are others who are battling greater struggles then myself.

6. I am grateful I can read, as I have the FREEDOM to educate myself on any topic I desire to learn.

7. I am grateful for the freedom of the choice I have to make my own decisions.

8. I am grateful that at anytime I can look up into the sky and see beauty and mystery, in the clouds, stars, and overall wonderment of the universe

9. I am grateful for all the beautiful places in the world that I hope to one day visit and see with my own eyes, and also am grateful for the gift of sight!

10. I am grateful for people giving the gift of their knowledge and sharing their experience, so I can experience new things.

If something happens, or someone says something to you that causes you to start to feel a negative emotion(anger, jealousy, greed, doubt, hurt feelings, etc) as SOON as you FEEL your MOOD SHIFT, walk away from the situation(even if it is walking away only mentally) for a few moments. Take a deep breath, and then ask yourself the question "WHAT AM I GRATEFUL FOR?" You may have to ask a few times, and redirect your mind chatter by forcing yourself to think of something other then the upsetting situation. Doing this however, will allow you to regain control of your emotions, and hold onto your power in the present moment.

Once you start thinking of the answers, and all you are grateful for, you will start feeling yourself move back into that positive feeling, and gaining control over your emotional state. Re-visit the situation with the gratitude of knowing that you took back control of your feelings and emotion. You will feel so empowered when you do this. It takes practice, but these tools will help. Know that whatever the situation is, it will NOT affect your emotions and take away your power. You hold all the power in the present moment, any situation can not take that away from you unless you allow it.

Tell yourself in your mind, or out loud even "I CONTROL HOW I FEEL AT ALL TIMES" "I WILL NOT LET THIS SITUATION TAKE MY POWER AWAY FROM ME. I CONTROL MY EMOTIONS AT ALL TIMES" Remember, the wind of anger blows out the lamp of intelligence. The more often you take control of your emotions, the stronger you will feel.

Go back to the situation with joy and a attitude of resolution. Remember, all problems have solutions. The negative energy is what causes those solutions to seem complicated, hard, or even causes the solution to be "invisible" to you temporarily. Don't focus on the problems, always turn your attention to the solution.

“Sometimes it is not necessary the problem to solve. Change the angle of vision and the problem dissolves” John C Lehman

Remember, you are in control of your feelings and emotions. Don't allow situations guide how you feel, and don't be led around by your emotions. You take the lead, you take control, and you embrace your power. Even if it sometimes feels hard for you at first, I PROMISE it gets easier. I believe in YOU, and I know you WILL reclaim the power that ONLY YOU can own!