Thursday, August 13, 2009

Learning the Secret: Manifestation of all my Rewards

Hello everyone, I hope you all are well. The last couple of days have been nothing short of a miracle! I have been given and accepted an opportunity. This opportunity will literally turn my yearly income into a monthly income(remember, I was just a part time PSW, so its not a get rich quick scheme, or instant million thing) This is an AMAZING opportunity! I am so grateful to receive such an amazing gift!

The last 36 hours have been so surreal. When I sit back and think about it, I feel so happy and just amazed this is all happening! Everything I have put my faith and belief in, every test I have passed, each time I have stayed strong, and took back the power of my thought and emotion, is now being rewarded. All the gifts Napoleon Hill talk about. I believe that when I asked for help, the universe was listening, God was listening. I think that was my final block. I needed to ask for help. And I received it. When my friend Cara came over, and told me what I needed to hear, I once again, took back my power....and sure enough, my reward started manifesting the very next day!

I have been given many tests as I walked along this path. In the beginning, about 2 weeks in, I started to let something get to me. My neighbour Reina helped me at a moment of struggle, I was mad about something. She told me not to worry about it and to keep going. It snapped my back on track and helped me reach my new awareness. And Cara, helped me to realise my final block, and I was able to power through. You see, we need each other. We need to help each other. We need to accept each other as individuals, and allow people to explore who they really are without judgement, or rude comments, or your dis-belief in what they are doing. Imagine how wonderful the world would be if we all took control of our mind. The possibilities are limitless.

I feel I was able to do this in such a short time frame(2 1/2 months) for several reasons. And, I don't want to overlook to point out the fact that I am still new, still learning, and will be learning for the rest of my life.

First and foremost, my AMAZING wonderful husband! He has been so supportive, so accepting of everything I have been doing. He allowed me the freedom to explore with out criticism, judgement, pressure to make money. He also challenged me when I needed it, so I could learn the lesson's I needed to learn about myself. He has done this all while not sharing in the same belief as I do, yet still not challenging my beliefs. He has been accepting and happy for me(and I think starting to get a little curious about my new discovery) He is my true soul mate, and I love him with all my heart!

Second, I put myself in a very small bubble of friends. I kept to myself quite a bit, enjoyed visiting with some new people, but besides my husband, their were only 3-4 other people I conversed with regularly, all who supported my journey, and encouraged me. I cut off connection temporarily with others so I would be able to have few distractions, and really concentrate and study these principles.

I continued to learn about this everyday, while keeping myself in a constant positive vibration. I feel this really prepared my mind, and sped up changing my subconscious rapidly. I fed it to myself constantly, whether it was learning about it through study, or just thinking positive thoughts, and thoughts of what I wanted, and I wanted to know and understand these principles. I told myself I was going to master this.....all the time, and took action.

I followed through with everything I did in full faith and enthusiasm, expecting good experiences always. I was not disappointed when situations didn't turn out the way I thought, and was thankful for the experiences.

I looked at all I had, and realised what I have, and grew a new sence of gratitude towards everything! I started seeking the things I was thankful for, and found way more then I ever realised I had.

I am so grateful and happy I decided to discover this amazing new wonderful world! I am grateful for the new people I am meeting. I am grateful for the new direction I am going, I finally found the right path. It has been one full of excitement and fun, and it just keeps getting better and better! I really hope you all can look at this, and see that I am just like everyone else, just the average girl, and I changed my life! If I can do this, you can do this! Just BELIEVE!


Nichole Dominguez said...

I am so glad to be connected with someone in my similar position! My opportunity was given to me just as your was, but I had a breakthrough today that will be my way around not having the funds 'now'! I have my plan and I don't know how it came to me but I am SO passionate about it all! I just can't believe how easily things are coming to me (and you!)! I am so grateful for you and your blog! Although my blog has been cooling off for several days, it's been due to my time being spent with family (we experienced a tragedy), and studying more extensively!

*See you at the top!*

PS: Any chance of me attracting my kids to go to sleep already!? LOL

Nichole Dominguez said...

Update: I won the powerball number on powerball lottery!! The powerball number was 12 and I had chosen power play! Now for the kicker: I had set out to get $14 for a couple of books that I really wanted in the field of coaching (life coaching) first I thought I just won the $3 for the powerball number, but then I noticed my ticket said "Powerplay: yes" and the power play number was 5! so instead of $3 we won $15!! I have never felt more confident about my future as I do right now!

Also a local boutique is here in town has agreed to sell my baby bibs in their shop!! I set out this morning with a goal to sell 8 bibs in order to get $40, and although she is going to pay me after they sell, it's still a HUGE win for me! I've wanted my bibs in a store on Main Street for a while now!! I am so excited!!!

I hope you are still experiencing many great manifestations as well!!

Abhay said...

Wow... its great.
Believing in yourself and actually doing something to justify that belief are two different things. Guess you did both.
Cheers.. and good luck with you book.