Monday, September 5, 2011

Learning the Secret: The Truth about Fear

. How many times in your life have you allowed the fear of something to stop you? Fear of failure, fear of success, fear of rejection, fear of embarrassment, the list can go on and on. I would be willing to bet that every human being on our planet has been faced with fear of some kind in their life. We all have fears, but the big question is how do you face them? I want to share with you what the truth about what fear really is, because when you have a better understanding of fear and how it works, well.... in a way you will become fearless. . To understand, we need to have a short overview about how our brains function. Once you have an awareness about the way your brain functions, you will understand how fear works in the brain. We all have 2 parts to our mind. A conscious mind and subconscious mind. Our conscious mind is what we think about that we are AWARE of. It is the part of your mind that is responsible for logic and reasoning. This includes such things as the sensations, perceptions, memories, feeling and fantasies inside of our current awareness. We have control over our conscious mind, and it is very useful. . Our subconscious mind is always running in the background. This is where our habits, personality, beliefs(hidden or known), emotions, uncontrolled thoughts(mind chatter) and a lot more lies. The decisions and actions we make with our conscious mind is actually a reflection of what we believe in our subconscious, and in truth, it controls what we allow or do not allow ourselves to do. Our conscious mind fires about 2000 bits of information per second. Our subconscious mind fires about 7 BILLION bits per second. So right there ask yourself, who is running the show. Obviously your subconscious mind. . Your emotions are controlled by your subconscious mind. That's why you sometimes might feel afraid, anxious or down without wanting to experience such a feeling. You can take back control of these emotions with your conscious mind, by thinking about and doing things that bring you joy. YOU control your emotions, don't allow your emotions control you. . It is very important to find out about what your subconscious holds, and also what you impress upon your subconscious because it will effect every aspect of your life. I could go into further detail with this, however, I want to focus on fear right now. . Fear is mearly an illusion, and this is why. When we have a thought or idea, our subconscious mind will naturally, without our control or consent, cause our conscious mind to think of the positive AND negative outcome or experience to that thought. It is the law of polarity, and there is always both sides of the pole. So, we have the actual thought or idea, and the possible positive outcome to that idea, as well as the opposite negative outcome to that idea. Our mind will naturally think of both outcomes to any thought. . Fear comes into play because our brains cannot tell the difference between thoughts we think that are actual situational facts of our human experience, or if they are just fictional thoughts. Basically it doesn't know what is truth or a lie. An experience or just a thought. . Because of this fact, when the negative thought about what could happen enters our conscious mind, our subconscious mind(based on what your subconscious beliefs are) will automatically start causing us to take actions and make decisions to protect us from that negative opposite to your positive inspiration. This is the fear that your mind actually created. Fear is actually an illusion that your mind created with the negative thought. It is not reality, yet our subconscious mind starts protecting us from it without our awareness, stopping our inspired actions because of the fear of the fictional negative outcome. . I will use a example to clarify this: . Bob has and idea for a great business. He has a great plan and is excited, motivated, but he will need to get a $20000 loan. His negative thought to his positive idea is the business fails, and he loses everything because he can't pay the bill. Bill starts to find possible things that could go wrong with his plan, and the "what ifs.." about where things might go wrong start taking over. He starts losing interest, and eventually gives up his business plan because of the fear of failure. He goes back to the same thing he has been doing, with his story about "If I ever have the money, I would like to......." Bob does not even realise that he created this fear about his business failure, and that it was responsible for his giving up.. . What if Bob, as soon as the "what if it fails" thought came up said, "It will not fail, I will work through any challenges, and I will make it successful." Bob chooses to ignore the thought of failure, and moves through that fear. What if Bob continued to be inspired by his vision, and his business ended up becoming a huge success. What if the business failed, but along the way he meets his future wife, or another person or a better opportunity comes his way BECAUSE of the failure. What if he learns a lot of new information, and he original idea grows and changes with him, and he ends up with a totally different successful business. . You see, we need to stop the thought as soon as it comes up and look for the better outcome. For every though you have of why you can't, think of 5 reasons why you CAN. Realise the negative thought or fear, is only an illusion that you created. It is a natural "function" in your brain that you can choose to reject. Everything happens for a reason, and that reason is to serve your higher purpose, whether you realise it or not. Our inspired action is always for the greater good, will always benefit us, and we will always learn. . Keep strong and follow through with your inspired actions. When fear and doubt come into your mind, know that all it is, is a natural response your brain gives as a result of your thinking. You have the choice and ability to reject that fear. Choose the positive outcome thoughts. Allow those to drive you to reach your goals. Stop the negative chatter in your mind as soon as it starts and you will be free to walk fearless towards your goals and dreams.