Sunday, May 31, 2009

Learning the Secret: What I think makes it work

I have found there are 5 things you need to do to get the law of attraction to work.

1. Know what you want and be specific - Decide what it is you want. Write down a few things and start small until you get the hang of it, and then do it again. One key thing here, and I just realised this today, DON'T put time limits on what you want. I edited my goals list tonight to take the time limits off. This is why, when you put a time limit on things, it allows you to doubt, and ponder, is it really going to happen and all those thoughts that just aren't working for you. Instead of being open for your "signs" you will be glancing at calenders. So no time limits, and be specific. Some people do vision boards, which I think I may try, but I don't use that at the moment.

2. Be Realistic in your expectations - Start small. I did the coffee, a few times actually, lol. When you start just think of what you need that would make you happy. Move on from there. Still dream big, but don't have any expectations. Really put thought into it, don't rush your list.

3. Get the feeling - Once you know what you want, its time to get the feeling to go with it. Now, that is SO much easier said then done, and one of the hardest parts to figure out. What I think the feeling is, is this. Imagine a time where you've felt so happy/proud/moved/touched that you feel almost warm inside your whole chest. Well, I think that's the feeling you need to be feeling when you think about what you want to make this work. But, I have a way that if I am having a hard time getting in that feeling, I can get in it. I found 3 you tube videos that give me that feeling. I watch them and think about what I want. I am sure you all have your own things that might give you that feeling. I certain song, a movie, a book, maybe a video also.

4. Think while Feeling - You need to try and remember to think of what you want at the times you are feeling this way, all the time. Its fine to do the videos or whatever helps you, but you have to try and remember to be conscious of what the feeling is, or just even when your happy to remember to think your thoughts. Now it is hard because when you do it, at least for me, I will start to think of what I want, and sometimes my brain is fighting back going"yeah right" the little "ya, buts" and the "what ifs" those have to be blocked out. That's the hard part. The videos, or whatever your happy thing may be is great practice for this. Don't allow doubt to creep in. My saying to myself is don't doubt, just believe. It helps me to ignore the negative thoughts. I even say it out loud. My husband sometimes rolls his eyes at me and laughs, but I do. I made a choice not to doubt. I just believe.

5. Being Thankful - Remember to be thankful and grateful, not for what you receive, but for what you have. For everything, the sun, the breeze, everything. Thank the universe when things go your way. The light is green, there is no line up where you are going, say thanks.

Watch for the signs. They will be easier to see if you believe. I mean, what are the chances of my neighbour mentioning the same thing I was thinking of not a 1/2 hour before. The signs will come, and when it starts to work, you will KNOW! And it only gets better.

I will be editing and adding to this as I learn more about these 5 key steps.

I would love to continue, but I have been neglecting my wonderful husband writing this, so until tomorrow, start thinking about YOUR list! Lets make these things work together.

Learning the Secret: A little Test

I noticed today that I have a follower following this blog. THANK YOU!!! I hope you are enjoying my blog, and I hope it will help you to implement the secret in your own life.

I have set a goal for followers and comments. I don't want to say what my goal numbers are as it wouldn't be a true test if I did. I did however, write it down, and I will include a picture, with the numbers covered with a paper. I am going to use the law of attraction with this. I will post the whole picture with the numbers, when I meet them. I am hoping to exceed my goal number.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Learning the Secret: Its happening FASTER then I thought!!

I don't know if its that I have been putting more energy and thought into using the secret that its happening faster, but I am almost certain that I have found a way to be able to quit my job working the shift work, and staying home with my kids!!! I have to wait and see if my plan will work, and if it does I will DEFINITELY share in this blog what it is. It happened just like it said it would in the secret. It just CAME to me, fell in my lap. I had been thinking of this idea on how to make money without having to go out to work, shift work etc. I went outside to tend to my garden and my neighbour was out side. She walks over, and brings up something she had heard about, and it was the EXACT thing I was just thinking of. Definitely a sign. This all happened the day I started this blog. I started doing it and feel incredible. I feel so happy and alive and excited. I know its going to work!!! I know this is the secret working! About a month ago, I wrote myself a check for a certain amount, and I keep it in a special spot, and have been looking at it regularly. It is dated August 1st. I will let you know if I am able to cash it, and exactly how I did it. Thank you universe!!!

Tomorrow I will write about what I think the combination is, I think there is 4 or 5 things you have to do. I am so excited that this is working!! I almost can't believe it! But I DO!! Remember, don't doubt, ignore the negative, and just believe. The more you do it, the easier and less frequent the negative thoughts and doubt come. This is definitely getting easier now that I am doing it everyday. WOW!!

Learning the Secret: A preview of the Secret

I got thinking last night that some may not be familiar with the secret, or have never seen it. I found the first 20 minutes of it on you tube. Here is the link.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Learning the Secret: Why I believe the secret helped me have a successful pregnancy

When my husband and I started to try and conceive our second child, I thought it would happen right away. It didn't. After the 4rth month of "perfect timing" I was really discouraged, and felt like it was going to take forever. I would read things about secondary infertility, and have thoughts that my husbands sperm count was probably low because of the industry he works in. Negative, negative, negative. After 8 months of trying, I got pregnant. All I thought about was miscarriage. I read stories about people having them, searched signs and symptoms, and sure enough, at our 11 week ultrasound, no heartbeat.
A short time after I had my d&c, my neighbour asked me if I had ever seen or heard of the secret. I hadn't. She urged me to watch it and told me how awesome it was. I watched it and was super excited and ready to change my way of thinking. Now, this task is so much easier said then done, and I really think that is why the secret doesn't work for everyone. It is very difficult to stop yourself from thinking negative thoughts, and to remember to think of what you want when you feel the way you need to feel to make the secret work. I know, your scratching your head going WHAT?? You have to watch it or read it to understand. I have watched it a few times now, and I haven't at all got it down yet, but I'm working on it, lol.
Anyways, after watching the secret, and thinking about how it worked, I tried to change the way I was thinking regarding getting pregnant. I started to just believe that I would. I stopped the stress about it, and just believed it would happen. Every night before bed I would concentrate and try and imagine I just found out I was pregnant. I visualised the positive pregnancy test, and felt happy. I visualised my baby growing in me. I would enjoy that feeling, and then take a deep breath and just let it go. Stop thinking about it and go to sleep. 6 weeks later, I got a faint positive test. Went to the docs and had blood work done, and I was pregnant. But my HCG level didn't rise, and a few days later my period started. I only allowed myself to be sad for 2 days. After that, I chose to not think about the negative, and was thankful that I got pregnant again so soon after my previous loss. I continued to do my thinking before bed. The following cycle, I got pregnant, and now my daughter is 10 months old.

I am sort of mad at myself that I didn't continue to use the secret after my pregnancy. I got kinda side tracked with life, and allowed my thoughts to wander as they pleased. I know this works and I have more stories to share of how I have seen it work for me, I will share those as well another night.

Here is one from the other day though, with my husband the sceptic. He was doing a job outside, and left his tools when he came home. The clouds rolled in, and it really looked like it was going to rain and he said to me "oh no, my tools are going to get wrecked if it rains" I smirked at him and said "Don't worry, its not going to rain, don't even think about it, think about how its going to blow past us in 1/2 hour" he chucked, but said OK. And we sat and watched the storm blow past without a drop of rain. Thank-you universe!

Learning the Secret: What I want to happen

Ok, I will get back to how I think the secret helped me in having a successful pregnancy, but first, I want to talk about where I am now, and what goals I am working towards using the secret. I have no idea how it will happen, but I BELIEVE it will.


1) First, my maternity leave is ending in 2 months time. I do not want to have to go back to shift work now that I have 2 children. I want, and will be able to stay home with my children

2) I will be able to move my family out of this city, and buy a new home

3) I will find a buyer for our house who is willing to pay what we ask

4) I will list and sell our house

I don't know how I will make these things happen, but I believe they will.

It really takes effort to make the secret work for you. Its not easy to change your thought process, and I do struggle with it. I am trying to be more conscious of what I am thinking and when. The secret says the key is to feel what you think, and that is going to be a hard thing to master. I know I could taste that coffee when I really wanted it, but I have never had the above mentioned, so how do I know what it will feel like to have it. Maybe I should watch the secret again. You should too!! Their website is great for inspirational success stories, and keeping your focus from straying. I am hoping doing this blog will keep me on the right track. OK, that's all for now, and until I post again, keep thinking POSITIVE!!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Learning the Secret: My Begining

Believe, this word keeps showing itself to me. Can I be vulnerable enough to truly believe. I think I can. I have seen what can happen when people truly believe, its how miracles happen. I believe in the law of attraction. I have seen it working in my life. I am learning more and more how to use it, and I am excited!!

I am going to blog about how I am using the secret, and if its doing anything for me. My husband is the sceptic, but he will see.

The first time I watched the secret about 2 years ago, I did what it said and started with a cup of Tim Horton's coffee. I closed my eyes, really thought about it, I really wanted a coffee, to the point that I could almost taste it. I thought about it, and imagined I was actually drinking it and really concentrated for about 10 minutes, then I just forgot about it and went on with my day. Not even a 1/2 hour later, my husband comes home unexpectedly 3 hours early, with a Tim Horton's coffee for me. I was pretty excited.

That was the first thing, although so small, and perhaps co-incidence, but perhaps not. I will continue more later, and tell you how I believe my change in thinking and the law of attraction helped me get pregnant after 16 months of trying, and 2 miss carriages. I knew it was working back then, but after I got pregnant I stopped using it......until recently, and its working again!