Sunday, May 31, 2009

Learning the Secret: A little Test

I noticed today that I have a follower following this blog. THANK YOU!!! I hope you are enjoying my blog, and I hope it will help you to implement the secret in your own life.

I have set a goal for followers and comments. I don't want to say what my goal numbers are as it wouldn't be a true test if I did. I did however, write it down, and I will include a picture, with the numbers covered with a paper. I am going to use the law of attraction with this. I will post the whole picture with the numbers, when I meet them. I am hoping to exceed my goal number.


zelita said...

I loved your blog! It gave back the encouragement to keep with positive thinking and things will get better in my life! Thans for sharing your experience,

Shrimpsey said...

Thank you Zelita! I am so happy you are enjoying it and I hope it will help you master the secret. We can all figure it out together!! This is my first blog ever, so I really appreciate the feedback, and it helps me to keep coming back everyday to write more. I encourage those who have stories about how this secret worked or is working for them to please share. It will help me keep focus also!! After I get my kids to bed tonight, I will make my next entry. Thanks for reading!


p.s. my own comment WILL NOT count towards my comments goal of the week, lol

Chris & Stacey said...

The power of the secret! I am commenting on your post because of the power of attraction. I read your blog about "Why I believe the secret helped me to have a successful pregnancy" because that is what I am working on right now! I was wondering if others had ever made it work for them! Your post made me smile, and I am going forward with the belief this will work for me, too!

Congrats on your daughter!

Shrimpsey said...

Thank you! Wishing you good luck and some baby dust! Hope you get your sticky BFP very soon. Believe you will!!

Heart N Sew Designs said...

Just wanted to let you know that this morning I watched the DVD for the first time, I have the book already and am making my way through it for the second time, and I decided to test it as well! I really wanted Chinese take out and so I told myself I would have it for lunch today! The verdict? My dad is treating us at 2:30pm! :)