Sunday, May 31, 2009

Learning the Secret: What I think makes it work

I have found there are 5 things you need to do to get the law of attraction to work.

1. Know what you want and be specific - Decide what it is you want. Write down a few things and start small until you get the hang of it, and then do it again. One key thing here, and I just realised this today, DON'T put time limits on what you want. I edited my goals list tonight to take the time limits off. This is why, when you put a time limit on things, it allows you to doubt, and ponder, is it really going to happen and all those thoughts that just aren't working for you. Instead of being open for your "signs" you will be glancing at calenders. So no time limits, and be specific. Some people do vision boards, which I think I may try, but I don't use that at the moment.

2. Be Realistic in your expectations - Start small. I did the coffee, a few times actually, lol. When you start just think of what you need that would make you happy. Move on from there. Still dream big, but don't have any expectations. Really put thought into it, don't rush your list.

3. Get the feeling - Once you know what you want, its time to get the feeling to go with it. Now, that is SO much easier said then done, and one of the hardest parts to figure out. What I think the feeling is, is this. Imagine a time where you've felt so happy/proud/moved/touched that you feel almost warm inside your whole chest. Well, I think that's the feeling you need to be feeling when you think about what you want to make this work. But, I have a way that if I am having a hard time getting in that feeling, I can get in it. I found 3 you tube videos that give me that feeling. I watch them and think about what I want. I am sure you all have your own things that might give you that feeling. I certain song, a movie, a book, maybe a video also.

4. Think while Feeling - You need to try and remember to think of what you want at the times you are feeling this way, all the time. Its fine to do the videos or whatever helps you, but you have to try and remember to be conscious of what the feeling is, or just even when your happy to remember to think your thoughts. Now it is hard because when you do it, at least for me, I will start to think of what I want, and sometimes my brain is fighting back going"yeah right" the little "ya, buts" and the "what ifs" those have to be blocked out. That's the hard part. The videos, or whatever your happy thing may be is great practice for this. Don't allow doubt to creep in. My saying to myself is don't doubt, just believe. It helps me to ignore the negative thoughts. I even say it out loud. My husband sometimes rolls his eyes at me and laughs, but I do. I made a choice not to doubt. I just believe.

5. Being Thankful - Remember to be thankful and grateful, not for what you receive, but for what you have. For everything, the sun, the breeze, everything. Thank the universe when things go your way. The light is green, there is no line up where you are going, say thanks.

Watch for the signs. They will be easier to see if you believe. I mean, what are the chances of my neighbour mentioning the same thing I was thinking of not a 1/2 hour before. The signs will come, and when it starts to work, you will KNOW! And it only gets better.

I will be editing and adding to this as I learn more about these 5 key steps.

I would love to continue, but I have been neglecting my wonderful husband writing this, so until tomorrow, start thinking about YOUR list! Lets make these things work together.


smallspaces388 said...

Hey! Great Blog!! I find myself going back to (as expected) the beginning. Point #1 you made KNOW WHAT YOU WANT AND BE SPECIFIC. After I read the book AND watched the movie, I set my sights on winning big on a Crossword scratch ticket. I saw the look on my face as the realization of winning came creeping in. I felt the elation, saw myself checking the ticket twice, I jumped up and down and best of all sharing the good news! I was absolutley giddy at the very thought and found myself ear to ear with a big grin on. Tuesday night...Crossword ticket in hand...another word..could this be?...hmmm another one...NO's creeping, it's creeping...another one...HOLY SMOKES!! 8 WORDS!!! $5,000 BUCKS!!! WOOOO HOOOOO! I won! I could hardly believe it! I jumped up and down, I had my friends check the ticket, I called my parents, my husband, my best friend, heck I bought the table a round!!(we were out for ladies pool league)we were all so happy. And as I looked at that winning ticket I saw there was no e. What? why would I scratch the e's if there was no e? Oh no. My face began burning. A new realization. I didn't win. Cindy nearing choked on her free beer when I said "there's no e". They all still have a good laugh at that one to this day. The long of the short is, I know what it is like to win 5K on a crossword scratch ticket. I jumped, I checked twice, I told my good news, I was a winner. Now I'm daydreaming of being presented with the cheque, lights flashing at me and my good fortune, going to the bank to get the money, and the look of determination on my face as I head out on a shopping spree. I make me laugh. I would love to hear any of your stories on learing to UNDERSTAND the secrets of the secret! I'm picturing you all having a great day :) Cara

Shrimpsey said...

Great story Cara! Thanks for sharing! Hope you continue to read and do this with me!!

Have fun enjoying you fantastic day!


Coconut Skin said...

thank you so much for the blog! You gave me the courage to cheer myself up and BELIEVE!!!
Hugs :)

Shrimpsey said...

Thank YOU coconut skin for reading!