Monday, November 9, 2009

Learning the Secret: Manifestation from a 5 Year Old

I have a really cute story to share with you all. In learning these principles, I have been also teaching them to my 5 year old son. He is getting it, and is learning how to manifest things he wants. I want to share with you his manifestation story from this past week.

In my son's kindergarten class, the teacher has a treasure chest, and if the student displays consistent good behavior, they will win a ticket to get to pick a prize out of the treasure chest at the end of the week. I have and had no idea what was in this treasure chest at all.

So, on Thursday while my son was at school, I was having coffee with my neighbour, and she told me to send Joeb over when he gets home from school as she had a Halloween package for him, and he didn't get it on Halloween as she wasn't home.

So, I went to get Joeb when school was out, and he was telling me about this treasure chest, and how there was a skeleton in it that he really wanted, and was trying to be so good all week to get it. When it came time to choose the gifts from the chest, another boy got to choose before my boy, and chose the skeleton Joeb wanted. There were no more skeletons in the chest.

So, we get home, and he goes over to my neighbours house, and she gives him this great package full of Halloween stuff. When he opened it, you can imagine his excitement when the SAME SKELETON he was wanting, was in his package! He was so excited, and I asked him "Joeb, when Jaydon picked the skeleton you wanted, did you get mad?" and he said "No mommy, I didn't get mad at all" And I said "JOEB!" and he smiled knowingly at me and said with great excitement "I KNOW!!!" He knew he was good, was doing what he was supposed to, was tested with not getting what he wanted in that moment, and passed the test by not getting angry when things didn't go his way, and was a rewarded with exactly what he wanted.

Myself nor my neighbour had NO idea about the treasure chest or the skeleton until Joeb told us the story. How proud am I that my 5 year old can manifest what he wants!!