Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Learning the Secret: Why I decided to win the 649 lottery

I want you all to know why I will win this fantastic prize, and what I intend to do with it. For the past 2 1/2 months I have been educating myself on these universal laws, the teachings of Napoleon Hill. I am blessed to realise the gift that God has given us all, and I hope to help as many people as I can to also realise this amazing gift that is locked up inside us.

I chose to win this lottery is because in our world today, there is so much doubt and negativity that causes people to lose faith. I wanted to choose this lottery because I know that it will spark a curiosity in you, a feeling of almost HAVING to know if what I speak of is truth. It is so extreme, and I know some will always believe it was luck, but you will still wonder, and hopefully, one day you will find the courage to learn and apply these laws to your life.

With these winnings, I intend to move my family to the place we desire. Next, I will be helping my family and close friends. I will be donating 1 million dollars to the Food Bank in our town, as well as putting on a special dinner to share my experience to those who are using the food bank. I will be building a addition on the humane society, and helping them get set up so that they will not be forced to euthanize the amount of animals that they do, and help them to have more comfort in doing the wonderful things they are doing. I will be giving the same gift to these places in the town we chose to live in. I also will be sharing substantial amounts to the salvation army, and habitat for humanity.

My hope is that my story will blow your mind so much, that you will muster up the courage inside yourself, the NEED to know. Everything is a theory, unless one puts the theory to the test and apply it to your life. I believe in you! We ALL deserve these wonderful gifts.

Thank you God, for guiding me, and helping me spread my message! I know it will reach those who are ready to embrace it!

The Draw is tonight!!


Nichole Dominguez said...

LOL I've made winning the PowerBall lottery my burning desire! ** Here's to us winning and changing the world!

We are going to renovate an apt bldg here in town that has been sort of forgotten and rent to single parent/low income families! I also made a promise to spend the rest of my life teaching others the Laws of Success!

See you at the winner's circle! *Drawing is tonight for me as well!* I'm ready. Absolute faith, belief and FEELING of that money!

Shrimpsey said...

How awesome your draw is tonight also! Looking forward to the evening!

Nichole Dominguez said...

I am so excited! I know we will receive our desires!!! Every one of them!!

Nichole Dominguez said...

So tonight wasn't our numbers, but I can just FEEL it coming to me! I do not recognize defeat as reality! Success is the three feet beyond!

Let's go Saturday's drawing!!! WOOHOO!

Chris said...

What have you been smoking? Can I get some?

Shrimpsey said...

Hey, so many amazing things have been happening, why not try it with the lottery, lol. You never know until you try : )