Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Learning the Secret: I didn't win the lottery, but learned a valuable lesson

Hello Everyone,

Well, I didn't win the lottery, but I learned a valuable lesson, and I am pretty sure I understand why lottery wins don't work with the universal laws.

First of all. I wanted to test this. I have heard many ask, "Well, if the secret works, why isn't everyone just winning the lottery" So, I did a true test. I put 100% belief and faith into it, and truly thought I was going to win the lottery. I had so many huge ideas for that money, it was great. Trust me, I was on my way to saving the world! I have to say it was really fun thinking of all the possibilities, and got me thinking about what I am going to do, and other things I would like to do when I do receive the riches part. I was inspired by a blog I read from Nichole to do this test of the lottery. I have come to my own conclusion on why I feel these laws will not attract that money.

When going through this journey, your perception of what money is will change. Money is just an idea, like everything else it. Before money existed, people traded things of value that they owned or services. In essence, money is only the material medium that we trade for products and services rendered. Its reward for services. So, based on the laws of the universe, the lottery has no "money".

The money that you win in the lottery, is money from peoples hopes and dreams. It has no value, pretty much is only a illusion. I believe every penny anyone has spent on the lottery will find its way back to you through your idea,service or product. One of the gifts you receive for controlling your mind, is a labour of love of your choice. Whatever you create will be of value to others, and that's what the money represents. That's where the riches have to come from. You will receive material riches of your own choice and quantities, but it must be through the use of your gifts that God has given you.

I want to also let you know, that even though I put 100% belief and faith to try and make the lottery win happen, I never once felt disappointed that we didn't win. I actually really enjoyed the experience of dreaming big. We (my husband and I)thought of some great plans and ideas, and I know that we will do these things, when it is intended. We are going to make our small corner of the world a better place one day. I believe it will happen.

Even though I had every intention of doing fantastic things with that money, it is not real, because its not of value, and its just a number on paper, representing someone else's dreams. I don't want to take from that pot. I want you to take your money back from it, like I am!


Nichole Dominguez said...

While I understand and believe most of what you wrote, I must add this: You need to have an exact amount of money that you want. And also, you are not taking from someone else's dreams and hopes: there is enough for everyone, which is why there is an unlimited amount of people who can win the same jackpot! Also, while reading The Laws of Success in 16 Lessons, I found that Hill states it take 90 days for a transmutation to occur in the mind. So seeing as how we may not have had the exact amount of money we intended to win from the lotteries, and that we have not been giving ourselves adequate time to turn it into an obsession-like burning desire, I feel that there must still be work to do! Also, if there is ever any doubt, it will not work. I enjoyed this post as you make very valid points, but I will be continuing my focus to prove this :)!

Keep in mind, I am not just creating a burning desire for this one goal, I also am seeking out ADDITIONAL money making opportunities (not alternatives!)!

I look forward to what is going to happen in our lives!

Remember: whether you think you can or can not, you are right! Also, they USED to say running a mile in under 4 minutes was impossible, too! :)

Shrimpsey said...


Being as I am also new on this journey, my veiws may alter as my knowledge increases. This is my veiw on the "definate" amount of money. First of all, the purpose of a amount, or that goal number if you will, is to give you forward movement. Set that amount, state what you intend to give back, and put all your desire and belief into reaching that goal, will give you the forward movement. An important point to note(this is from David) To maintain your FORWARD movement, you must set your next goal BEFORE you reach your first goal. This will continue your forward movement. The reward of riches is a reward for taking control of your mind, and will give you endless material riches, but the point of having a number in mind is to put your energy into forward movement, and pulling that energy to you. Remember, you must give back something of equal value to our world in order to recieve the riches you desire before you will receive them. This is not just meaning your product or service, but also, your personal growth, and the tests you have passed. These achievements build up almost a "credit" if you will with the universe, and once you find your purpose, all of the credit(karma) you have built up, will come back to you in great quantities.

Nichole Dominguez said...

Excellent point! :) I feel the same way about the credit to the universe!

PS Any news on the book yet??

Anonymous said...

I agree with what you both are saying. But, do you think winning the lottery is a test from GOD? So, for several months I was playing 2 sets of my "lucky numbers", and for some reason in July 2009, both sets of those numbers hit...back to back. For some strange reason (stupidity?) I did not play the lotto those two days that my numbers hit. Was it just not my turn to pass the blessings on? I obviously was not meant to win because the numbers hit when I didn't play. My theory is... God visions a plan for all of us & it's up to us to execute what he sees. Unfortunately there are two paths to take in life and you just have to use your knowledge & not your heart to choose the correct path.If you make the right choice then riches and success will follow.