Friday, August 7, 2009

Learning the Secret: At the cusp, and deciding to keep moving forward

Good Morning Everyone,

I wanted to write a post about the few struggles I had yesterday. They say when learning these laws, a lot of the time, people will stop right before they break through, and end up at the start again. Well, I feel like I really had to fight yesterday to keep focused. I did it, though, and feel so much better. I would like to share what happened.

After hearing back from the book company the other day, I am so grateful and excited. I know that this is my desires moving towards me, and I am ready to embrace it. I started working on another story, but only got about 2 1/2 pages in on it, and found I was really thinking about what to write, instead of getting in the "zone" and having the writing flow through me effortlessly. So I put the story away. I then started researching about publishing books, and marketing books, and looking at cost, and wondering how I am going to do this. This may also have been induced from the well intended "chatter" I received from some, such as "Its probably a scam, no one hears back from a book company less then 24 hours after submitting a book" and "Its going to cost you $10000 or more to get published" among a few other things. I feel like I was almost at a feeling of uncertainty.

The best part about this. I recognized my feeling, and the vibration I was carrying. I decided to STOP researching for now. I remembered(with the help of my WONDERFUL husband) that time is an illusion, and live for today. I don't need to think about or worry about those things right now. I need to wait until I hear back from the publishing company, and hear what their offer is BEFORE I start thinking about all this other stuff. When you are in the proper vibration for your manifestation, it is easy, and effortless. I reminded myself of these things, and reassured my self that I KNEW to send my story to that particular company, and I KNOW that whatever they come up with as a contract, will be just fine, and comfortable for me.

After I did this, I started to feel better. After the kids went to bed, I did some energy work, and re-aligned myself so I was back on the vibration of my desires, and amplified it even more to help me keep in that pull. I felt SO much better, went to bed, had a great sleep, and when I woke up this morning, I was happy to see I was already thinking of my desires as I was waking(which means my subconscious was thinking them all night!)

I am keeping on track, and will not move backwards. I am continuing my forward movement. Today, I plan to listen to some teachings on the ipod while I tidy up the house. I am going to go get groceries later, and enjoy the day with the kids. I am not going to look at anything book related until I hear back from the publisher, as I know they will lead me to the right source of knowledge I need, and what I need to look at when the time comes. I have FULL faith that whatever the contract ends up being, that it will be great, and within my capabilities without making me uncomfortable. I envision my book selling 100000 copies the first 2 weeks that it is on the shelf. I KNOW its going to be a best selling children's book. I know it in my heart, and I am making the choice to believe it in my soul.

I know I am so close to a big manifestation, and I know this book is a huge part of it. I will have the strength to not let "chatter" from others cause my mind to start thinking the "old" way. I am stronger then that, and I have proven it to myself, and I am very proud.

Looking forward to hearing my full review soon! I am seeing my books on the shelf by my birthday, October 1st!

Have a great day everyone, and remember, only YOU are in control. Don't let others scepticism and worry find its way in your mind. Put those doors up and say NO. Sometimes it can be like a pushy salesman, and the thoughts will try and be persistent in swaying you. They can only succeed if you allow it. I may have listened to what the "salesman" was spewing to me, but I shut the door, and continue to strive for my dreams!


sarah said...

I want to publish my first book. What can I do mentally to move forward other than prayer? Sarah

Shrimpsey said...

I feel that in my experience, putting myself in a positive mindset, and being happy opened up the creativity in me, and this is where the story came from. I just got the idea and had to sit down and start writing. It flowed out so easy. I think if you are trapped in doubts, and are trying to "force" or really think about what to write, it doesn't come across with the passion you feel when you write from a different mind set. I hope that helps Sarah, just start telling yourself, you will write a best selling book, and focus on being happy right now. SOon, you may feel that inspiration, and your best seller will flow through you effortlessly. Good Luck