Sunday, August 9, 2009

Learning the Secret: What is your life purpose?

On my quest to learn the principles of the universe, and having to over come the many obstacles and struggles with my mind, I am beginning to learn and understand my true purpose. I am here to inform the next generation of these principles, so they can walk the path of freedom and success, without the struggles, right from the start.

My book is now turning into a series. I have 3 more stories on the go, and I am so grateful to be gifted with such an imagination coupled with increased awareness to create these amazing stories. These stories are lessons of the principles, told in a way so a child can understand. After reading my son(4) 'The Magic Seeds', I asked him what he thought the cover should look like. He told me he a character in the book and then added "and a picture of the whole world" Not ONCE in my book is the world mentioned. He went on to say "mommy, I think we should read our story to all the bad boys" to which I replied "Why is that?" It melted my heart when he responded "because it will turn the bad boys into good boys."

I am grateful to discover this gift I never knew I had. I put myself in a box with my long term care, I know you have different levels of nursing, but there is still a limit. I look at people now, and wonder if they are really living their life's purpose. I wonder if they know what it is. I wonder if this person or that person would be the next great inventor, the next cure for something, the next big star.......this list goes on and on.

Do you know what your true purpose is? The way to find it is through using these principles in your life. It is a map to revealing your passion, your creativity, your purpose. What is YOUR purpose?


Nichole Dominguez said...

I feel drawn to not only teaching these principles, but also helping women to have wonderful pregnancies and deliveries! There is so much a lot of women don't know and it really should be common knowledge for them! I want my daughter's world to be vastly different (in the pregnancy department anyways!) than ours is today! I want to show women to embrace what their bodies can and will do, and to have no fear! Why should we fear the most amazing physical feat a human being can accompish!?!?

Shrimpsey said...

Sounds Great!