Monday, August 10, 2009

Learning the Secret: Persistance and Faith

Hello Everyone,

Well, I heard back from Morgan James Publishing today. Although they loved my story, and feed it has the potential to be very successful, they said "we don’t seem to have a fit between your manuscript and our current vision and schedule of books to be released" they also went on to say "your manuscript may have an excellent chance of success in another publishing channel. In the future, we would be happy to review another of your manuscripts to see if it might meet with our vision, purpose and schedule of up-and-coming books. It was our pleasure to meet you and get to know your book and hear your manuscript ideas"

I am grateful that they took the time to fully review my book, and I am even more driven to find the publishing option that will work best for me. I know this book is going to be a hit, and I am researching different avenues, as well as keeping my eyes and ears open for more opportunities.

I am anxiously yet patiently waiting for the money to start finding its way to me. I KNOW how much I have grown, and that I have a new security on the inside. I know the money I desire is on its way to me. The teachers of these principles say that if you don't see a increase in your income right away, you sort of build up a credit with the universe, and you WILL receive it. I have started to wonder if I have a block with allowing myself to receive the money. I will be working on these things this week. I do have things set up for the money to come in. Maybe it needs to come in through a different source. I know with the book sales, it will be huge.

I have full faith that these principles work, and I have seen and experienced the changes in myself. I am awaiting to see the changes in my bank account, lol. I believe in these laws, and I know I am following them, and continue to learn them daily. I know my reward is on its way, and I will not let the "how" its going to happen cloud my faith and belief that it will. Maybe I need to be more specific on the amount of money I desire now. I have a set amount I have decided to have in my possession by December 2009, but what do I do now to make the money come in now. All I can do, is to continue with my teachings, and I have faith and belief the answers to these questions will come. I look forward to the day I can write the post "THE MONEY IS STARTING TO ROLL IN!!" That day is coming! I am 2 1/2 months into my amazing journey, and I am grateful for what I have received in terms of personal growth. I am also grateful for the money I desire, as I know I will receive it. I will stay strong, continue to be persistent, continue to watch for opportunities, and I know the universe will bring to me what I desire, because I DESERVE IT!!

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