Monday, August 10, 2009

Learning the Secret: Asking for Help

I am writing this post, and baring my soul. I am struggling today, and I am asking for help. I am not even sure how to start. I feel like there is something I am not aware of. As I walked down this path, I have overcome so many fears, and in ways, I now feel fearless. I have grown so much in terms of self worth, and self esteem, and I feel like I have so much to offer this world. I have many plans, all on how I can make a difference, and how I can better someone else's life. I know my plans are in accordance with the universal laws. I think of these plans, and imagine myself doing them. There are several things I want to do, and maybe that is what is blocking me right now. Maybe I need to be clear on one thing first. I know I have a set amount of money in mind, and a set date on when I will receive that money, as well as the expectation that I will receive that money in increments from now until I reach my date. I have without hesitation taken action on everything that has come my way in full faith. To be specific, I signed up with AdSense right away. I have put a lot of time, effort, good energy in researching, putting quality content to my site, all the things you do to promote my site, yet my revenue from AdSense is minimal. $43 to be exact, from the day I started until now.
Another opportunity arose, I jumped at it, went full force, put forth action and great energy and thought, yet our partners were not in the position to invest at this time, maybe in a couple of months. I manifested a great tool kit, and invested in myself and purchased it, $200, and it is of great value and help to me. It is lessons from all the great teachers, and I am going through them one at a time, daily. I have forgiven myself and others completely, and really truly feel so free. I know spiritually and faith wise, I am there, and continue to grow more each day. I have spread this message, helped inspired others, and have received feedback from quite a few people. I have become a better person, and I want to do more. I have full intention of doing things, and things I want to buy, but I am still, the money part hasn't come. I even participated in a vacuum demonstration, as I won on their bingo card, and one person wins $10000, ya, I thought it was me. But is was a good experience, and I am thankful for it.
Everyday, I envision myself wealthy, my husband and I discuss plans, we have the house we want to buy in mind, and it is for sale. It is our dream home. We both have businesses we are going to start, but the home we desire is in the city we desire to live in, which is where we plan on starting our businesses. One is my long term care home. He has extensive plans as well. We cannot move until a new source of income arrives. We live where we are because my husband is a tradesman, and he gets regular work here. I took the leap, I have quit my job. I am looking, and ready, and expect things to come. I had the inspiration to write the book, wrote it, took action and sent it away. Yes, I got great feedback, and I plan to publish my book through another source. Its going to take some time.
I just don't understand what is blocking me from receiving money now. I feel I am growing my prosperity consciousness, and my life now isn't matching everything I am feeling, everything I am expecting, yet each day that goes by, and am still sitting here, expecting, in full belief and faith its coming, looking for it, putting in huge effort, and taking action, while my personal bank account is at $0.00. I feel no stress about that, and I know it is going to grow, but as more days pass, like today, I am feeling a little struggle with trying not to wonder "when is the money coming, I can't give more money out, and I keep giving me out, what am I missing?"

Any guidance, I truly would appreciate. I am asking for a little help.

Thanks for listening


Nichole Dominguez said...

I am just starting this journey, but I think I may be able to help. You are taking the attitude stance of "I know it's coming, but why not NOW?". I think that by feeling like "when? when? when?" you are doubting HOW the universe brings it to you. Maybe it falls under the "you don't have to know how, just that it will." And by acting as though it is NOT there, it will never be there. Act and feel as though you already have it so you have no need to ask "when?". Feel as though you DO have it, thereby erasing the wondering of where is it. I hope that helps a little! :)

Shrimpsey said...

Thank you for your input Nichole!