Saturday, August 22, 2009

Learning the Secret: The creation of my story

Hello Everyone! I wanted to share with you today more details on the children's story I have written. I am so proud of my story, and I am so grateful to have become open to receiving the gift of creating it!

My story is based on the principles of the universal laws. It teaches us that we all have these special gifts inside us that grant us the ability to have whatever it is we desire. It shows the importance of following instruction, taking action, placing our gift in the proper environment in which it enables it to grow. It teaches so many values and lessons, I feel anyone, young and old, will find the value of the lessons in my book, know matter what path you are on in life.

I have been able to incorporate so many lessons, that anyone who reads it will get something different from it. I believe that they will get the message they need out of it, and each time they read it, they will find a new lesson hidden within the words. I was able to write this story in a way that it holds all these values and lessons, however the story flows, and its a great story full of suspense, conflict, resolution and reward. Everyone who I have shared it with thought it was great. It kept their interest, it made them curious, it made them laugh, and at the end, it makes you happy, and also makes you think. The best part, when I read it to the little ones, they just "get it".

I am so grateful I have been provided with such a gift to create such a great story and I look very much forward to sharing it will the world soon! I just KNOW you all are going to LOVE it!

If you would like to be notified of the books release, as well as where you can preview and purchase my book, please Please fill out my form. and you will be notified upon its release and location!

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