Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Learning the Secret: The Misconceptions about "The Secret"

Hello Everyone,

I hope you all are well. This post is a long one, but holds a lot of value. Really think about it.

I have now finished reading the book Think and Get Rich. I have reflected on the last 2 months and the changes in myself and my awareness. I was inspired to write this post after thinking about several comments I have had over the last couple months regarding this theory I am using. My husband is a good example of the type of person who has a small understanding of what the theory is through social chit chat and advertisement of "The Secret" (though he hasn't watched the DVD). when he and I would talk about this theory, he would often use the term "wishing" I didn't realise the significance in him using the term "wishing" until last night when I had finished the book and we were discussing these principles. During our conversation he once again used the term "wish" Even though he has used this word in many of our conversations over the last couple of months, it never struck me until just last night. He is just 1 of the many millions of people who are unaware of what the "secret" actually is. They have a complete misconception of it and have no idea how to apply it properly as they are lacking the knowledge provided in learning the laws of the universe.

People have heard of the "Secret" movie, and because that movie really focuses on the law of attraction, and leaves out MOUNTAINS of information of these other principles, many people who seen it have tried it and failed, and continued on in there life as before. They are simply not aware of the actual principles used and how to actually apply the information. I was one of these people. When I was first introduced to the secret a few years ago, I watched it, got all excited and was going to use it. I started to, but only for about a week, and wasn't seeing much. I did NOTHING other then watching the DVD as my basis for using the "secret" at the time. Of course, I continued living life, thinking thoughts that were unproductive to my growth due to my lack of knowledge and desire to gain more knowledge on the subject. I had know idea where I was going, or that I even had a definite purpose. Nothing much happened.

When I started my 2nd trial of this journey only 2 months ago, TO THE DAY, I was still ignorant in my understanding of what I was doing, but, there was a difference. The difference is that I have ACTIVELY pursued and gained more knowledge of what the "secret" is, how it works, and how to apply it to my life. I have learned, and continue to learn in greater depth the principles of nature, and the keys to unlocking this great power from within.

What this "secret" or theory suggests doing is retraining your mind, and using it as a tool, its intended purpose(and YES there IS WORK involved, its not just thinking what you want and getting it) Its not wishing, but more realising your true purpose, your desires, and using these principles properly to assist you in manifesting your thoughts/desires in physical form. You MUST increase your knowledge of these principles. You MUST use and understand them all, or you will struggle. This is WHY so many people fail, myself included when I ignorantly tried to apply something I had minimal knowledge of to my life.

Think of it this way. You would never eat a rotten moldy plate of food, as you know it would make you sick. The same rule applies to your thoughts. Negative thought and feelings work against you. It keeps you where you are, or sets you back. Don't eat that moldy plate of food. Start feeding your brain ONLY "APPLES" All things that are good. Nurturing you brain with all positive thought and emotion causes it to OPEN and a new source of creative energy and ideas is revealed. These ideas turn into opportunities that bring your purpose and desires towards you. You WILL be given the opportunities and you must take ACTION on them with complete belief and faith that it will bring to you what you desire to receive. You will learn as you research these principles that essentially what you are doing and where these thoughts come from is the infinite intelligence which is available to us all. Many fail to realise how to access it.

Anyone who wants to learn and apply this theory(as everything is a theory to the individual until they apply the entire theory themselves and draw their own conclusions)NEEDS to purchase the book Think and Get Rich by Napoleon Hill. Study it and follow it exactly. It is by far the best $10 I have ever spent and I will be continuing to read that book until I die.

I hope this post brings some clarity of what the "secret" is actually referring to, and a understanding that its not just wishing, and thinking positive. What I can tell you is once you accept this knowledge as fact, and have 100% belief in the teachings, you will feel a new found freedom and inner peace. Your perception of EVERY SITUATION will be changed forever. Develop your will power, and make the CHOICE of what you are going to feed your brain.

In closing, I want to stress the importance of educating yourself during this process. If you look back through this blog at my journey, you can see where I was making my error, me making a change even though at the time I didn't realise how significant that change in focus would be.

As I mentioned in a previous post, there are 11 other laws you need to learn to maximize your potential. I have been spending some time reading about them, and I see how it all ties together. I still have to research more, and there is a lot of information to take in, so I decided I will focus on one law at a time, and once I feel comfortable enough that I understand it fully, I will write an article explaining it so we can all learn.

I have to do some chores around the house and do groceries today, but I promise that either tonight or tomorrow, I will get the first law on here so you can begin to understand it.

I am so thankful for this. I know I am going to help many people learn to use this tool while I learn to use it myself, and together, we WILL accomplish great things!

So, for today, just be happy, enjoy every moment, look for things that are good, be thankful and say it out loud, the universe is listening.......I am expecting to have a wonderful productive day!

Thank you everyone for following my journey. I believe in you, and I know together we are going to master our lives, and become great!

From this point, I started to learn more about it. I read articles, listened to pod casts, ended up attracting David Neagle and his teachings, which I still listen to on a regular basis. I have read Think and get Rich for the first of many times to come. I am learning constantly, and this is what you have to do. If you want this to work, you HAVE to INVEST the time and effort of truly learning it. Not read one book, or watch one video and move on. Invest the time to really learn and understand these principles. I may not have the riches yet, but what I have gained in knowledge and understanding is worth every penny I earn from this point forward. The results you receive will reciprocate your true effort. Remember, we are talking about the universal laws.....they KNOW EXACTLY what effort you are actually putting it. No hiding there. If you truly desire to be the master of your own destiny, you will do the work to learn these principles, and the rewards are endless!


knowledgementco said...

the secret movie is already out?

Nichole Dominguez said...

Thank you so much for learning and sharing with me! I will be buying that book just as soon as I can! I will follow you on this journey and I know we will both learn all that needs to be in order to be successful!

This blog is priceless to me!

Kiko Erel said...

Very well written :)
Loved it

I would love to link to this in future posts

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