Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Learning the Secret : Busy, Busy, but having FUN!

Hello Everyone,

Things have been really great, which is why I have been so busy and not blogging as much. I have been busy working on other things I will soon share with you : )

In September I mentioned that my illustrations were completed and on the way. Well, that person actually ripped me off, and never sent me anything. That is OK though, because it was all for a purpose as I was meant to be more active in the design of the illustrations. I have since hired a new artist who is doing a FABULOUS job. I am really happy about the work I am receiving from him, and, despite the delay, the book will be available in December of this year.

I also am in the process of getting my own business set up and running. It is just so exciting and so much fun. Sometimes I still can't believe that I was about to go back to shift work, and keeping in that box. I am so happy to be so free and actually choose and design my own business. I just know it is going to be incredibly successful. Between my books and my business, the new house I talked about way back at the beginning of my journey, is actually in sight now!! WHoo Hooo, I just know all is going to continue to flow so smoothly, and in another few months, I will get to come on here and blog about our new house!

I can't stress enough how ANYONE can do this and change your life. Once you start doing the right things, everything falls into place, and it is wonderful. I really hope I can help so many others learn how to do what I have done, and show you how to design your own life. I know I have blogged allot about my journey, but there is SO much more I haven't shared. I have another book planned, but this one would be an adult book, and it will explain everything. I hope to have it completed and out sometime next year. In the meantime, check back here, I will be announcing my new business and site when it is ready!

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