Sunday, January 10, 2010

Learning the Secrets : Breakthroughs!!

Hello my wonderful followers. Over the last several months I have experienced several shifts, I have spent my time meditating, studying and practicing what I have been learning. Although I have not been blogging online, I have been having major breakthroughs. I now have a clear understanding of what my devine purpose is, and why I am here. I now know what I am supposed to do, and I am SO excited!

I am in the process of developing my new website, blog and other things I am so looking forward to sharing with you! My 2010 is looking fantastic so far, my book is very close to launching, and things are just amazingly wonderful. Everything continues to flow in complete harmony and it is just so wonderful in how following these laws paves the path to living your desire, designing your life, and feeling and living true happiness. My wish is for you all to experience this and find this in yourself. It IS there. You CAN find it. There ARE people who can show you how.

Make 2010 a year of change, find out and step into your true self, your true purpose and start living the life of your dreams. It is INSIDE of you, you just need to learn how to find it. I PROMISE you it is there!


Carol King said...

Everything sounds so wonderful for you. Is'nt it great being in the flow? I look forward to seeing your new website and blog.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Carol! It is SO wonderful. I really never knew such happiness exsisted. I am SO looking forward to my 2010! It is going to be FABULOUS!! New house, here I come!!!

Light and Love