Sunday, January 2, 2011

Learning the Secret : Meridian Tapping Intensive

Happy New Year Everyone!!

To start off this year, I have decided to put myself through a meridian tapping intensive. I have used this technique sporadically in the past, and always felt wonderful, and noticed an increase in my vibration after. It is a great tool, and I am going to put it to full use to get a big jump start in 2011. I am excited to see what happens when I consistently use the meridian tapping technique daily for 30 days to further raise my vibration.

Last year was wonderful, I gave birth to our beautiful identical twin girls, although they came 2 months early, they are well, healthy, thriving, and most importantly, home with us. The last year has been exhausting to say the least, with the pregnancy, and the NICU stay, and taking care of new twins. I have been loving every minute of it, but I have to say, it was a challenge to take time out for me, for my meditations, my writing, blogs and personal time. Now that things are settling down, the twins are getting close to sleeping through the night, I am ready to jump back into my writing, my own personal development work, and share with you all what has transpired. I have had many profound moments this past year, especially with all we endured with our twins coming 2 months early. Things would have been a lot different had I not been where I was and am. During a time you would think would be stressful, was wonderful, peaceful, beautiful and incredibly spiritually moving. I would like to share the birth story of the girls, however, that will be for a different post.

Back to the tapping intensive. I am going to be participating in a guided meridian tapping technique to further raise my vibration, and I will be doing this daily for the next 30 days. The tapping techniques are a form of acupressure – tapping or rubbing or steady pressure - on certain points of the upper body with 1, 2 or 3 fingers combined with a statement of the limiting belief to be released. Tapping can also be used to anchor affirmations within the body, mind, spirit dynamic. In essence I will be bypassing the programmed mind of the intellect and accessing the body’s intelligence to effect release of limiting belief or blocks and to promote integration of the positive at a cellular level.

I am interested to see what happens, and how I feel, or what changes in life will take place over the next 30 days while faithfully doing this daily. My only undisturbed time these days is after I get the kids to bed, so I will be doing this in the evenings, before I go to bed at night. I will keep a journal of how I feel, and I will post once a week on what has happened that week, and the changes I am noticing.

I am really excited to see what transpires, because I have to tell you, right now, life is just so wonderful, I feel so grateful for all that we have, and for my beautiful babies, and things are close to perfect. Looking forward to seeing how they are going to get even better!!!!

I can't believe how much my life has changed both on the outside, and inside of me, in how I feel everyday since the beginning of my journey. I am so forever grateful for having the courage to walk this path, and I encourage you to look inside and do the same. You only have things to gain! Make this year a great one!!

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