Friday, June 10, 2011

Learning the Secret: The Power of Positive thoughts

I am sure you have heard people say to "think positive", but do you? There is more to just thinking positive then what most people realise. The present moment is your moment of power, and your thoughts are the fuel getting you to where you want to go. It is essential that the fuel you give yourself is the absolute BEST quality! In other words, you must insure the thoughts you are thinking will be beneficial to your growth, nourishing and positive. Prepare to become the eternal optimist.

In order for you to attract what you desire into your life, you must first learn how to program and eventually master your subconscious mind. Your mind is always thinking, whether you are aware of it or not. 24 hours a day, your brain is thinking thoughts. Some thoughts you consciously control, others you don't. Pay attention to what you are thinking when you are not using controlled thought. What thoughts run through your mind when you are not really thinking? Catch yourself and take note. If you find you are thinking thoughts that have any of the "fear" emotions, stop yourself and redirect your thought immediately to one of a positive nature. Once you start doing this, you will start to influence your subconscious mind by the law of habit. You will begin to reprogram your mind to naturally reach for the better feeling thought, and that alone will start to change what you are receiving in life.

“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.” ~ Hindu Prince Gautama Siddharta

These are the 7 major positive emotions that are the most powerful. Use your power to control your thought and guide yourself to feel the following emotions through that thought. Harness the power of your present moment by feeling these emotions as often as possible.

The emotion of DESIRE
The emotion of FAITH
The emotion of LOVE
The emotion of SEX
The emotion of ENTHUSIASM
The emotion of ROMANCE
The emotion of HOPE

Attempt to shelter yourself, almost going into your own world, totally ignoring and avoiding ANYTHING that is negative. Find the positive in everything. Choose to only think about good things, and look for anything to be grateful for.

There are also 7 major negative emotions that will cause your desires to move away, and create an experience you do not want. These emotions will stop you dead in your tracks, and paralyze you from moving forward until you change your thought and feeling. Strive to block or shift from these negative emotions as soon as you feel them come up. It does take practice, but you can do it. The emotions that are the most damaging to your success, and the ones to try and avoid are:

The emotion of FEAR
The emotion of JEALOUSY
The emotion of HATRED
The emotion of REVENGE
The emotion of GREED
The emotion of SUPERSTITION
The emotion of ANGER

Change your subconscious mind, and only feed it your exact desires, positive, nurturing thoughts, and look for the silver lining in every situation. Completely abandoned, totally ignore and try not to allow yourself to feel any of the negative emotions listed here. Feed your brain ONLY good things. You will reprogram your mind to one of success and happiness, and change your thought process forever. You will not only see the results of more positive experiences in your life, but you will feel the results. Stress will melt away, and you will be filled with happiness and joy. The mind and body thrives on positive thoughts, and changes you and your experience.

It is VERY IMPORTANT when you are learning to use these principles, to always remember, that you are still a STUDENT, we all are. Be gentle with yourself. Changing your thoughts to all nourishing and positive can be challenging, but you can do it, and it will get easier. Gain understanding of exactly how all the principles work. Research them. Learn how to apply this knowledge in your life. What you can do for certain right now, is start blocking all negative thought and emotion, and prepare your brain to receive all that you desire!


Zen-Chakra said...

So true. Our nature is to fall into a habit of negativity. Amazing that thinking positive can actually be hard at first. Trying to break into the habit and force yourself to reword and then automatically get to speaking as if, instead of as is. Great article!

Michelle said...

Thank you Zen-Chakra

Jon said...

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