Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Learning the Secret: About me

Thank you again for reading, and for the nice comments. I love hearing what everyone has to say as it keeps my enthusiasm up, and is helping me imensly! Thank you!

I decided that I wanted to share with you a little about who I am, seeing as you are sharing your valuble time reading my blog. I so appreciate it!

So, Hi, my name is Michelle. I am 29 years old, happily married mother of two. I have worked as a personal support worker for 15 years in long term care. Yes, I started when I was 15. I volunteered as a student at a local nursing home, and started working as a health care aid that summer. I really enjoy working with the elderly, and have had much satisfaction in my job. My long term goal is when my kids are both in school, I would like to start my own long term care home, but only with about 6-8 beds. I want it to be completly a home/house setting. I want my residents to be included in all decisions right down to what we should have for dinner. I have a whole plan for this, and I know one day I will achieve it and it will be a wonderful place.

I was fortunate this year, as our daughter was born in July, and I have been on maternity leave for the past year. It was our sons first year in junior kindergarten, and it has been wonderful being able to drive him and pick him up from school everyday. Our daughter is awesome, but she is a bit of a momma suck. She gets upset if I am gone for more then 1/2 hour. Freak out upset, lol. She is completly content to play and do whatever, as long as I am not too far. Thats ok with us. She will only be small once, and after waiting almost 2 years for her, I want to enjoy every minute she is small. These 2 little guys are the reason I am working so hard, I want to stay home with them until they are in school.

We have 1 dog, a great dane and she is 2 years old, and full of spunk. We also have 2 orange kittens, 10 months old, and just lost our 10 year old cat Bovi to cancer a few weeks ago.

My husband is a hard working tradesman, and a wonderful partner and parent. We love him so much, he is the rock of our family.

So, a few pictures
This is ME

My Husband and I

And the reason I am working so hard with this. Our beautiful babies!

Thank you for following my story!

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