Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Learning the Secret: How Goal Setting Increases Belief and Decreases Doubt

I have been reflecting on how I have been using this amasing tool, and have come to a few conclusions regarding how proper goal setting, belief and doubt all ties together.

The reason you need to start with smaller goals is this. Everytime you achieve one of your goals, it just re-affirms everything and your belief grows stronger. As your belief grows, your doubt becomes less and less frequent, and easier to distract yourself from. Its not that you won't recieve what you ask for if you are asking some biger things, but bigger things take more time, which allows more room for doubt to weezle its way in, and once that happens, the law of attraction stops working. When you set smaller goals, you reach them faster, which you gain reassurance from, which in turn reduces doubt and increases belief. And an added bonus, when you reach your smaller goals, you get that rush, and the feelings you need to be feeling to think your thoughts, and anouther oppourtunity to do so.

I have 2 sets of goals. My initial goals, or smaller ones, which I think about as much as I can everyday. I want most of my energy aimed towards those goals as those are the ones I want to reach first. My second list is my long term goals, which I think about nightly before I go to bed. It has the bigger things like the new house ect.

So, an example. Say you are looking for a relationship. This is something you want in your life. Instead of focusing on the actual relationship, start off with first focusing on meeting new people and going on a date or dates. Once you achieve that(acknowledge and say thankyou) move ahead with your next goal. Think about how the next date is going to go well, and a relationship will bloom. When that happens, think about beign engaged, then marriage.....you get what I mean.

I started with not wanting to have to return to shift work. To do that I need to make a certain amount, and I had NO idea on how I was going to do that. Within a couple of days, I had my signs(read back the first week of posts), started this new career. Well I figured it out, and when I make $10/day on my 3 websites, which IS going to happen, and I see it working and happening, then it will be the equivalent of what I made at my old job with the cost of babysitting taken off. Once I reach that goal, I will set my next goal a little higher.

Write down your goals. Keep them close, think about them ALLOT. Watch for your signs. When its the law of attraction working, whatever it is will feel good and right, you will just know. Everytime you reach your smaller goals, say thank you. Everytime you notice a sign, thank the universe for leading you in the right direction, and for its guidance. Hold on to the reassurance and joy you recieve when you see things start to happen, remind yourself of it in times of doubt. Believe that with your positivity, you are becoming a stronger magnet and picture everything you want getting pulled closer and closer to you.

It will take courage to let go and truley belive, but I KNOW you ALL have that courage in you. Persistance will pay off, you will find it, and you will belive, you WILL master the law of attraction, and finally, you WILL recieve everything you set out to achieve!! BELIEVE IT BABY!!!

Have a Fantastic Day!!!


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