Monday, June 15, 2009

Learning the Secret: Thankful I am back in the zone!

I am so happy and thankful! Since getting up yesterday and discovering I reached my test goal, I have been able to once again put more energy into staying positive, and thinking my thoughts, and things are happening again. All yesterday I spent changing the layout of 2 of my websites, playing with the design and learning more. I spent allot of time working on it, and when I checked my stats my page views had TRIPLED!! I am so happy and excited. Every time I keep focused and send that positive energy out, good things happen. I am thinking of my first goal with this new career. I know I will achieve it and I am excited!!

Do whatever you can to keep positive and keep believing. Talk to yourself in your head, tell yourself, I am making the choice to think good things, I can choose how I feel. Soon, you won't have to be telling yourself that because you will start believing it. When you get off track, take a step back, re focus and change it. Use your tools of distraction. This IS working!! It will get easier! You can do it!

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