Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Learning the Secret: HUGE UPDATE!!!

After almost 4 weeks of doing this, I am going through a spiritual awaking! UNBELIEVABLE! When I started this, it was more out of curiosity to see if it really works, I thought, all these people using it and telling of it, it must work, and now a month in, I feel COMPLETELY different! I never thought it could be like this so fast,

If you are interested, please check out David Neagle, and at the home page, it will ask your name and e-mail address and when you do you will receive his FREE 4 part audio class on the art of success. I will be listening to them OVER AND OVER,it is life changing. I PROMISE you, that after listening, they are a little over an hour each, your life will be changed. Coincidentally enough, his site is called just believe. I know where I am going now, and I will be a spiritual coach one day, and yes, you will see me on Oprah! I BELIEVE!!


I have grown LEAPS AND BOUNDS compared to even a week ago because of his teachings. God gave us every tool we need to make our life what we want, we just need to learn how to use them, and I am learning, and its happening!! Its inside us! I have never felt so good in my entire life, Every tool that I need to reach my goals is just falling in my lap. Everything is starting to happen faster and faster!

My Letter to David


I want to thank you so much, and share my story so far with you. So I am just going to start at the beginning, and then get to how I found, or should I say manifested you, and your knowledge into my life, and what I am going to do with this knowledge. I will state first off, that you have changed my life, and brought me to the next level, and I am so grateful!

The first time I heard of the law of attraction was when the secret DVD came out. After watching it, I was all excited, I was planning on using it, I believed it worked, and used it for a week or so, and just continued on with life, right back to the same old, same old. The middle to latter part of April 2009, a friend of mine asked me if I had ever seen the secret, she hadn’t. I told her how awesome it was, and said lets watch it. So we did. I got thinking about how I should use it, and that I knew it must work as all the people who are using it swear by it. I knew I wanted things to be different in my life. My husband and I had our second child last July, and my maternity leave is running out, and I don’t want to go back to shift work. This, and curiosity of the “what if” this really works, made me make a decision. About 4 weeks ago, I decided to change my thinking, and use the “secret” At this point, I had NO idea what I was doing, despite thinking I did. I knew I had to find a way to keep my focus, so I decided to start writing a blog as I thought people can watch me learn this, because I know it works, and it will inspire them to use it as they will see me starting from scratch. Also, committing to the blog would help me to keep my focus on what I was doing, instead of falling into the same routine. I called my blog Believe(so you can imagine my knowing grin when I noticed the other day your site is called Just Believe) and all I did to start out with was made the choice to think only positive things, and have a happy feeling inside always, no matter what. I used certain you tube videos that made me feel good as a tool to get me feeling positive. My goal, to not have to return to shift work this August.

As I went through the first 2 weeks, it started working. I was feeling great, and I could feel my self confidence growing. I wasn’t sure what was happening, but I knew something was, and I just believed. I just made that choice to believe. Soon after starting the blog, I noticed the Google ad sense widget in the blogger(this was my first ever blog) and thought, WOW, this is an opportunity to replace my income, if I do it right. So I got to work developing a couple of website. One is to teach people that don’t know about ad sense what it is, and exactly how to get started and going with it as I wanted to help others be able to supplement or increase their income. I started spending HOURS on the computer for a week or so, and then I thought, wait, this isn’t what I wanted, I wanted to be able to stay home with the kids so I can actually spend time with the kids, and I wasn’t. I was getting all caught up in ad sense, and being so sure that was the way for me, and almost started to stray off my path. I took a step back to reflect. I realise now, it was just that I didn’t know where I was going.(I do now) I decided I need to re focus and learn more about the law of attraction and what I was originally doing, and not all about Google ad sense. So I started reading about the laws of the universe. Well, that was still keeping me at the computer and I wasn’t getting done what I needed to get done in my duties as I wife and mother. So, I decided, well, I can learn and be productive at the same time. I went to I tunes, and downloaded about 15 pod casts on the law of attraction, the secret, whatever I could find. 2 out of the 15 pod casts stood out to me. One by the attraction Diva, Jen Blackert, and one with you. Now, I heard Jens first, and checked out her website, and signed up for the news letter. Then I heard you on an interview, about a 20 minute pod cast, and I listened to it about 5 times, because I knew you knew what you were talking about. I felt like you were talking to me. I went to your website, signed up and listened to your art of success course. Your teachings have transformed me and brought me to the next level. From thinking positive and doing what I was doing, the creativity in myself was starting to come out, but I didn’t realise how to use the tools, and what I needed to do. I am so beyond clear right now, its so amazing. I have completely let go of all anger, and forgiven myself and others, and each time I did and got rid of a little more negative energy, I feel my power getting stronger. Its like you said, its just like riding a bike, and once you know, you can’t NOT use it. I plan on listening to you everyday while I am on my journey, over and over, to make sure that subconscious of mine is changed. I know it has begun to because I feel different when I get up in the morning. I feel alive and free. I am going to be a spiritual adviser and teach others how to do this and I am so excited to see where this journey leads me.
Anyways, after listening to your 4th call, I went back to your website, and was looking and reading, and read about your recession rescue plan, and thought it sounded awesome. I checked my e-mail shortly after, and there was a e-mail from you, telling again about this program, and the free call July 8th. So I went to the page, and was reading it and started filling out the form to register, but thought to myself, well, I don’t really have a business yet, but as soon as the thought went through, I said to myself, doesn’t matter, you will by then, just do it. So I signed up. I went to my email after, and directly above yours was a email from Jen, telling me of this amazing offer, the ultimate entrepreneur tool kit, it has 20 of the best programs out there all about everything I need to know about getting going with my own business, and my websites are already started. Its just like you said, and I know I manifested that by making the choice to sign up for your call.

I am so happy I have been blessed to hear you speak, and I know where I am headed, and I am sure I will be seeing you along the way. THANK YOU!! Thank you for sharing, and I can only hope to touch at least one person the way you have touched me. I know I still have to experience my journey, but I feel like I am there, I feel so clear, on everything, and its so wonderfully amazing.

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