Saturday, June 27, 2009

Learning the Secret: A New Begining

Hello everyone, I hope you are all having a fantastic day! What has transpired over the last few days is absolutely amazing!! I am 100% QUITTING MY JOB!!!! I have a new opportunity that is absolutely WONDERFUL!!! I am not ready to tell the details of our new business, but I have a new business, new plan, and its going to be so great! I get to stay home and take care of my children, everything about this opportunity works for our family. I will be getting to spend MORE time with my husband, I cannot stress how PERFECT this opportunity is, and we are starting right away, and I am SOO SOOOO SOOOOOOOO excited!!! I can't get over how amazingly wonderful and happy I feel, and everyone around me is feeling the same way. I cannot believe how FAST things are changing, and I am so excited to see where this journey takes us. I have been enjoying EVERYDAY and living for right now, and its happening just like these laws say its supposed to. Everything is fitting together like a perfect puzzle, and the funny thing about it is past actions over the last month, things I thought I was doing for other reasons, have fallen into place perfectly with this plan, to the point of blowing your mind!! On TOP of all that, I received our gas bill the other day, and to my surprise I opened it only to find that our bill was $0.96 CREDIT!!! I am in awe of how EASY everything in my life is falling into place, and JUMPING me AHEAD!! I will make way more in 6 months of doing this then I would a whole year working, and actually the income possibilities are ENDLESS. I cannot get over the fact that things I have learned and done over the last month compliment the new business plan when at the time of my doing what I was doing, I had NO IDEA what the big plan was going to be, nor did I even entertain the thought of it. Just like I said before, everything is just falling in my lap, and I am SO GRATEFUL!!

Start thinking positive, all the time, think about what you want, and listen to Davids Art of Success course, I am 100% completely different then I was 30 days ago, my life is going in a completely different direction, my marriage is fantastic, my kids are fantastic, everyone around me is filled with enthusiasm and excitement, and wonderful things are happening everyday. This is what life is all about!! Anyone can do this and get to this place I am in now. Just BELIEVE!!! That's all you have to do! The key to freedom, is faith with understanding, and it will set you free, and you will grow your wings and fly where ever you want to go. Start thinking about it, what do YOU want to do. Don't think about the what ifs, the doubts, no strings attached, what do you want! Start thinking about it!!!

Have a WONDERFUL DAY!!!! Remember to look for the beautiful things in life and be thankful!!


Josh said...

Congratulations on your new venture and being able to jack the job in too!
I wish you all the best. I'm still checking in from time to time to read your posts when I need an outlook atunement. Keep it up.

Sidhartha said...

Congradulations on your new adventure. Times like this make me think that the world is not always against you ya know?

anyhow great stuff thanks for sharing.


Shrimpsey said...

Thank you, and thanks for reading!