Saturday, June 6, 2009

Learning the Secret: My new career

I have been working all day on my new website, which will explain my new career. I am so excited to share it with you, because now I can tell you the story of how this all started from using the secret.

I started the blog to keep me focused on my posative thinking, and to remember to keep doing it everyday. I wanted to write everything that was happening so that I can look back at it and re assure myself that it IS working.

I joined blog spot and started my blog. Started exploring the site and came across the google adsense widget. Now I am so grateful I can share this with you because ANYONE can do it be successful. I added the site at the top of the page. Honest Online Income. That will explain the whole career thing, I don't want to get into that here.

Everything that has happened this week was for a reason and it was the law of attraction at work. Everything I need to reach my goals has been given to me. I am so grateful!!

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Hesham said...

I wish you good luck with your new career!