Monday, June 8, 2009

Learning the Secret: Getting Happy and Staying Happy

Good morning Everyone,

I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!! I want to say a special THANK YOU to my new followers!! I was very excited to see some new followeres, and thank you for the comment! I encourage others to share your experience with using the secret, and how its working for you.

I want to talk a little bit about getting happy and staying happy. It really does take allot of effort to train yourself, and to keep that happy feeling. This is my thought; with the law of attraction, like attracts, think of yourself as a magnet. The more posative you are, the more you don't allow the negative to enter, the STRONGER you are as a magnet, which in turn will bring you more and more posative things. The stronger your posativity, the faster good things come to you. I have seen this in action the last couple of weeks, especially in my new career. One of the tools I use shows a chart of your progress. My chart has been on a steady rise. The 2 days that I struggled a little with my feelings, are the ONLY 2 days where my chart shows a decline. Every other day where I have been in my happy place, I see a big rise on my chart. Co-incedense, I think not.

I have been starting my day with my videos to get in my place, and the one video is the one I posted Saturday morning. For me, it wakes me up, gets me excited and happy, and I sing and dance to it with my kids. While I am in this zone, I think about my goals, and what I am grateful for. If I start to feel blah, I go back to these videos/songs to help me get back to where I need to be. I strongly suggest if you want to make this law work, start practicing getting into your happy place, and make the CHOICE not to let others influence your posativity. That is what weakens your magnetic force. Keep as posative as you possibly can, and attract the posative to yourself.

I am including a new article in my links for your reference about the law of attraction, I hope you find it useful.

Task for the day

Find what gets you to your happy place, and practice getting it and keeping it. Remind yourself that you are in control. You are the only one who needs to believe. You are the only one that controls your destiny. TAKE CONTROL!! Keep believing!! Keep practicing.


Dennis A Carroll said...

I just ran across your blog at Blog Catalog and visited it. Really love "The Secret." I watched it in college--an Iranian studies course. Great way of living and thinking.

Cassandra Whiteley said...

It's great to read about your progress with The Secret - keep it up! :)