Thursday, June 4, 2009

Learning the Secret: Todays Task for you

Good Morning Everyone,

Today, I want everyone to focus on things they can be thankful for. Look for things. Anything you see that you like, say thank you in your thoughts to the universe for showing it to you. Hold on to all the things you see/hear that make you feel good or happy, and be grateful. Make a point of being thankful to others who help you. Say thank you to the check out person at the store, notice something good about someone and share it with them, help them to have a happy feeling. If you are running late, and stuck in traffic, remember that you are ALWAYS where the universe intends for you to be. Turn on the radio and find your song, look around. Pay attention to things you never did before. Walk through today with your eyes open looking for ALL GOOD things. No matter where you are emotionally/mentally, distract and defer the negative by finding things to enjoy and be thankful for. However big or small, remember to be grateful.

I believe in you. You will master the law of attraction. You WILL get what you want. This WILL work for you. Don't doubt, just believe!!

Have a WONDERFUL day, and THANK YOU again for reading. The universe brought you to this blog for a reason. I know you can do it. Keep believing in yourself and your dreams!

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