Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Learning the Secret: A hint of the bigger secret

Hello Everyone,

I have been busy reading Think and Get Rich, and am really enjoying it. It is helping me to organize my thoughts, and decide exactly where I want to go. I am on chapter 6 right now, but I wanted to share something about the book. It says on the back that there are secrets in every chapter about how to use these principles, and I think I figured out one, or a part of one. I have noticed in every chapter so far reference to reading your desires out loud. I think there is a connection between saying what you want out loud(creating sound vibration) and the subconscious, and the law of attraction. I have not made my written plan to read yet, as I want to finish the book once first, and then write out my plan, and start doing the daily readings of it, along with reading the think and get rich book again. I am certain there is a big connection with actually saying your plans out loud, along with the visualization. I am so excited, as I know when I write it down, and start the process of what you need to do, things are going to move fast. That's why I want to learn more about it first before I start applying it. I will tell you this though, I am striving for more then just the equivalent that I made at my previous job, and I will achieve it!

I fixed the email address also, I am sorry I wrote it wrong last post. Its breastisbest@live.ca

Remember, only you are in control of your own thoughts and emotions. Make them work for you!


Heart N Sew Designs said...

This is wonderful! I have been saying my desires out loud for just a few days now. I started with wanting to become pregnant THIS month. I found your blog by searching the secret and pregnancy...anyways, I affirmed to myself that I was pregnant and would have a healthy pregnancy. You know what? Today is just 8 dpo and I got a faint, but POSITIVE pregnancy test! I even started a second blog to track the secret in my life! http://thesecretinmylife.blogspot.com! I am doing a 30 day visualization challenge, where I watch the visualization tools on the website daily, and also a 100 day optimism challenge where I simply read the Creed twice a day and any time I feel negativity! It's working! I know it is! Just yesterday I did my own little test like you did with the coffee, only mine was to have Chinese food for lunch (keep in mind we didn't have the money for it at that second)...at 2:30pm my dad treated us all to lunch at my favorite Chinese place! :) Looking forward to wonderful things! Oh, and there is a Mommy Team I started on BabyFit.com called The Secret. I'd love for you to join us! You have been like a mentor to me and an inspiration!

Shrimpsey said...

WOW!! Awesome and thank you for sharing!! Sending major "sticky vibes" to you. Just know that your lines will get darker! How exciting! Sounds like you are on teh right track. I will be checking out your blog, and I suggest you get the think and get rich book, and listen to Davids free art of success course, thats what brought me to the next level. The link to his site is on my page here. Can't wait to hear what else happens with you!! KUP!


Heart N Sew Designs said...

I will definitely be doing that as well! Thank you!

Edward Litors said...

Saying it out loud, and believing it in your heart is a big difference in results. As a matter of fact, if you don't believe it is your subconscious, it will not manifest in your reality. Also, if you don't take action on what you believe, it won't happen either. If you can invest $7 in yourself, I will share this product I bought a few days ago. I love sharing this stuff!! Anyway, it's an MP3 of and LOA guru, and a Internet Marketing Millionaire, and they talk about these things in conversation. Here's the link in case you want to read up on it!


Nichole said...

I think is very true. You need to have all the elements in place for it to manifest: absolute belief and knowing, saying it out loud, and then living as though it's already been manifested! That is how I feel about getting our new car and dream home! I talk about them as though I currently own them and also stay aware when opportunities present themselves to get closer to it! In fact, today I am going to the bank for an auto loan for a new car! :)