Saturday, October 10, 2009

Learning the Secret: Embrace your intuition

We all are intuitive, although some people do not recognize it in themselves. We have the ability to tune into our intuition, and strengthen it, like a muscle. Learn what your intuition is, and how it presents itself to you. Start paying attention to things you see, feel, hear, smell. Look for signs and "coincidences" to start to learn how your intuition presents itself to you. Once you discover how, learn to use and grow it, and you will reach new heights in all aspects in your life.

You intuition is the feelings and thoughts you receive regarding things, people and circumstances. Life. It’s when you say to yourself “I knew that was going to happen” or “I have a feeling about.....” or “I just know” It is the hints and whispers from the universe. We all have these feelings and moments. The trick is to start paying attention to it and developing it, so you can use it as a tool. It is a tool for your use, and if you develop it, you will see it is one of the most powerful tools you have in your possession.

Here are 3 ways to exercise your intuition and help you develop this extraordinary tool.

1.Ask – Ask yourself questions, in moments you can just be with you. Really think about your wording and ask yourself important relevant questions. Just keep asking and wait for your answer. Not literally in that moment, although sometimes it can come that fast. Trust you will be given the answer, and allow yourself to be open to receiving it. Look for it, watch for signs. Ask frequently, and really see that and build a trust in knowing that the answers will be given. Ask to be guided to your answer.

2.Listen – Always be listening, not just with your ears. The answers can come from many sources. You may even actually hear the answer in your own mind, or it may even be audible. It may come from an outside source, from someone or something that does not have any awareness of what the question was you were asking. It make come through other people, through a song, an article you read or a note you find. It may come to you as a feeling, or a sensation. Always be listening on several levels, and be aware of what is in your environment at all times. Pay attention!

3.Be Open – Be open to receive the answer. Don’t put any thought into when it will be answered. Don’t demand it be answered now. Trust and be open to receiving the answer, and know that you will be given the answer when you are ready to receive it.

Trust in your gut, and the feeling inside when you receive your answer. While we seek answers from others, and others may be the ones who provide us with answer, only you know what the true answer is. Don't let the noise of others opinions drown out the soft sound of your own inner voice! The final decision of what is the right answer can only be found in you. Exercise and learn to use this wonderful tool of your intuition. Trust it, and allow it to guide you to your success

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Curtis Chambers said...

Good thoughts here, I believe intuition is one of the most misunderstood areas of knowledge and also one of the least appreciated. It is easy to forget about the importance of intuition in our world of rationality and computers.