Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Learning the Secret: Importance of Starting with smaller goals

Hello everyone! Thank you again for taking the time to follow along my journey with me. I would like to say a special thank you to my new followers! I believe that you will master the secret as well. I changed the background because I found the black background with white text was kind of hard on the eyes. I hope you like the changes.

I want to talk this morning about the importance of starting with smaller goals, and how its helped me this past week.

First, taking the dates out of the equation has eliminated any doubt that tried to enter my thought process. The closer I get to reaching them, is fueling my positive energy, and I believe helping me to reach them faster. Had I chosen over the top goals, I think my doubt would have got the best of me, as it has in the past, and the law of attraction would slow or stop. Starting out smaller is helping keep my enthusiasm high, and I am seeing more and more results. Once I hit my first set of goals, I will set my next set of goals a little higher.

Also, as it says in the secret, once things start working, your goals change, and adapt to where you are heading. Things that once seemed important, or seem like something you want, may change, and other things become more important to you. You will know when you are on the right path with the feeling you get inside.

I have been spending allot of time researching and working on my new career, and I am seeing results! I am so happy and grateful. When I worked part time as a PSW before my maternity leave started, I was making around $650 every two weeks. Pending all goes as planned, and I believe it will, my goal is to make the equivalent to that by the time I am supposed to return to work, thus allowing me to quit. When that day happens, I am getting my husband to video tape me going to work and turning in my resignation so I can share it with all my readers.

I am also researching the 10 other laws, which are

The Law of Thinking
The Law of Supply
The Law of Receiving
The Law of Increase
The Law of Compensation
The Law of Non-Resistance
The Law of Forgiveness
The Law of Sacrifice
The Law of Obedience
The Law of Success

Now, I have to really do allot more research to understand how these laws work before I will be ready to write about them, but I will figure them all out, and share with you my findings and how to use them.

Task for Today
Do not let any outside influence affect your feeling and thought process. The only one who can affect you is you. Make the choice not to get angry, sad, mad ect. Make the choice to BELIEVE and be thankful and happy no matter how silly it may seem to you.

Have a FANTASTIC day and thank you for reading! I BELIEVE IN YOU!! Please believe in me!

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