Friday, June 5, 2009

Learning the Secret: A lesson Learned

Good Morning Everyone, and thank you again for reading.

I have learned a lesson. My focus has been excellent on the law of attraction, and with the law, when you are on the right track to achieving your goals, everything should feel good, and not deter your belief and positive feeling. This has been working for me, and I have been seeing results. My new career path has been showing promise, and I am already starting to make a small revenue.

However, yesterday, I got caught up in looking into one of these "get rich quick" type deals, and the marketing plan looked AMAZING! I was almost buying into it. BUT, take note, once I started thinking about it, and my focus was looking into the company, negative things started to happen. Doubt was starting to enter my mind, and I certainly didn't have the feeling I need to have in order to make the law of attraction work. Sure enough, yesterday was my worst day yet in my new business, that is working. This morning I researched more about the company I was thinking of signing up with and found out that with them, I would be selling false advertising. Basically, lying to people about what I make in order to encourage them to buy into this plan. NO THANK YOU. As soon as I stopped thinking about it, and refocused my thoughts on what I have been doing, things are already starting to change. This morning, I had no revenue on my new business, after I refocused on my goals and my plan, and got my feelings back, I checked again and I have all ready made more today then all day yesterday.

In case any of you have been looking into the same "get rich quick" plan, I will provide the following link on some reviews so you can inform yourself as well.

What I have learned. The more you use the law of attraction, the better it works, and the minute you stop using it, it stops working. Everything takes time, and things are not going to happen overnight. But, when you are on the right track, and you feel good about it, things will happen. I may not become a millionaire in a 6 month time frame, but that isn't and wasn't my goal. My goal is to be able to earn the equivalent of what I earned at my job so I am able to stay home with my kids. Once I reach that goal, I will set my sites higher.

Thank you universe, for guiding me in the right direction. I am trying not to sway, and with everyday life, that is hard to master. But each day, I am getting better and better at it.

I am so thankful that the sun is shining and its a beautiful day outside. I am going to watch a few of my inspirational videos, and get back into my great feeling, and start thinking about MY goals.

Remember, try not to let outside influences deter you from your initial goals. Don't try and get ahead of the game. You only get back what you put into it.

Have a fantastic day everyone, and I hope this post helps some of you avoid getting scammed.

Thank you for reading!

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