Sunday, July 12, 2009

Learning the Secret: Increasing my Knowledge

Good Morning Everyone,

After my last post and Davids call, I did some reflecting, and thinking. I came to realise that one of my "blocks" is, or I should say "was" getting almost there, and not following through. I had prepared a letter in relation to our new business venture, and it was still sitting on my desk, despite the fact that each day I said, "Oh, I am going to go drop that off today" and kept not doing it. Also, I made the decision to quit my job 2 weeks previous, but still hadn't done it. So, I became AWARE of something that was blocking me in reaching my success.

SO, the following day, I woke up feeling great. Did a few things around the house, and had a shower, got dressed nice. I took that letter and delivered it to where it needed to go. After that stop, I went to my work, turning in my letter of resignation and QUIT my job!!(SO EXCITING) After I left there I went to the book store and bought the book "Think and Grow Rich" by Napoleon Hill, and have been reading it everyday. I am on Chapter 4 right now, and I plan on reading the whole book once first, and then going back and doing the steps to manifest the things I am desiring. This book is wonderful. All the things I was feeling in regards to fear, bubble bursting etc are virtually disappearing as my awareness of how to use these principles is growing.

I cannot stress how much it is ESSENTIAL to continue learning how these principles work and how to implement them into your life. So many times I could have stopped this process and gone back to the same old same old, but now it is IMPOSSIBLE for me to go back. I am AWARE of things I was not once aware of. I have full faith and belief that I will achieve whatever it is that I desire. My task now is to set a definite amount of money I desire, a definite plan of what I intend to do with that money. I know once I do this, that the magic will continue, and I will embrace it and be grateful for it. I know its coming, and I am so excited to receive it because I know I am going to be able to do amazing things, for myself, my family, and many others.

Once I finish reading the book, I plan to do a blog post dedicated to the book alone. I highly suggest you get the book and read it, over and over. I am excited because although I am only on chapter 4, I was 100% ready for the information this book is providing me. I know my subconscious mind had changed already, even before this book as I have noticed for about 3 weeks now, that when I go to sleep at night, my subconscious is thinking all the things I have been feeding it. When I am just waking up in the morning, those moments when you are not really awake, but you are aware, my mind is thinking of these things without any direction of me controlling my thoughts at that point, and I believe that when I am sleeping my mind is thinking the thoughts, its already in my mind as I am waking up. I know once I make my list and read it nightly and in the morning, that I will soar. I know these things are on their way, and my job right now is to put organization to my thoughts so the universe can provide me with my desires.

Remember, you are the only one in control of your thoughts and your feelings. I truly believe what helped me break through was when I started doing this, all I did to start was block all negative thought and feeling. I had no idea, or I should say was not aware of how any of this worked, but I believe that putting myself in a constant state of happiness and gratitude prepared my brain to accept and be ready for the things I am learning now. It wasn't until I had started to break through, and was CONSISTENT that Davids teachings came into my life. The book I am reading now, I hadn't even heard of it a month ago. My mindset is completely ready for it, and I believe I wasn't aware of it until now for that reason. This book is my key to the things I was struggling with, and I am forever grateful. Each day, my mindset is getting stronger and stronger.

I want to also just mention to my readers, another thing I can't help but notice is that since changing my mindset, it is true that everything has been so wonderful. There has been no negativity, no stress, just happiness everyday. Its as if everything around me is coming into complete harmony. I am so grateful I had the stubbornness and the courage to throw all doubt/negativity/old beliefs out the window, virtually abandon them, and give 100% belief and faith into this. I may not have been sure of what I was doing when I started, but my understanding of it now has confirmed my "blind" belief when I started. As David states "The Key to freedom is faith based on understanding" and you know what, he is absolutely 100% correct.


bbrian017 said...

omg you quit your job :) I'm crossing ym fingers for your business venture to be successfull

Shrimpsey said...

lol, thanks! I know its going to be great!

masmasika said...

This is a great blog. What you said is true, being positive make things work better. Positive thinkers and better achievers than negative thinkers. Keep posting.