Thursday, August 13, 2009

Learning the Secret : Can a change in mindset also change your size?

Hello everyone,

So I wanted to share with you something I have come across. I mentioned Jen Blackert in a previous post. I have been listening to her program Fearless Millionaire and it is just AWESOME!! There is over 15 hours of information, and each lesson holds SO much value! Especially to someone in online employment! Anyways, I am enjoying her product so much, and I have learned SO much that is helping me, I went and checked out what else she had. I came across some lesson she has on controlling your weight with mindset. Now, I personally have never had a weight problem, so I can't test this theory. However, I wanted to share this with you as I am using one of Jens other products, and she is AMAZING! I have full trust in her 100%

Here's SOME of the knowledge you will discover inside the thin thought program:
•The difference between munchies and cravings. (Audio 2)
•How to really ACCEPT Yourself now. (Audio 1)
•The truth behind affirmations and how to really use them. (Audio 1)
•How to really practice subconscious mind changing methods. (CD 5)
•Hear difficulties from other participants and how we help them overcome the adversity. (every Audio)
•Why exercise is important and how to know if you are RESISTING these habit changes. (Audio 1)
•The secret to burning more calories all day every day. (CD 5)
•Understanding dehydration from within your body and mind. (Audio 5)
•What it really means to "BEING PRESENT" and how to do it. (Audio 4)
•How to use your words to change your perceptions and ways of being. (Audio 3 & 4)
•Understanding what self-love has to do with your weight. (Audio 4)
•Techniques on how to shift those negative thoughts to positive ones (Audio 4)
•How to listen to your inner nudges. (Audio 1)
•The secrets to feeling more engaged in the game of life. (every Audio)
•What it means when you FEEL stuck! (Audio 5)
•Tricks to learning and observing yourself (Audio 1, 2, 4)
•Step by Simple Step technique to make better decisions (Audio 1, 4)
•What does it really mean to make a commitment to change (Audio 1)
•A complete formula to analyze your emotional patterns and emotional needs. (Audio 6) And there's MUCH more - guaranteed!

She has a free Mp3 recording giving details of how mindset can actually help you lose weight~
Its called How to lose weight by transforming your subconscious mind

If this program is even close to the HIGH quality of the program I have of hers, I am sure you will find success with it!


Rick said...

Focusing on what you want is so much better than focusing on what you don't want! Thanks

Carrie said...

I think a huge part of the weight loss success we are having in my house is the fact that food isn't "bad" anymore or a cause for weight gain. Instead, food is about fuel, enjoyment and weight loss. I totally believe that by changing the way we think about food, we've changed how it works for us-its not against us, its for us. :)